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Nike Fuelband

Developing a fitness tracker that would change the way we work out

The Nike+ Fuelband's design is inspired by the active lifestyle it encourages. A soft, sport-inspired, outer skin is designed for lasting comfort under the toughest athletic tests.

The interaction design on the Fuelband cheers wearers on with motivational messages and a running tally of their fuel points, all showcased across a delightful dead-front display.

One of the earliest expressions of the quantified self movement, we designed the Nike+ Fuelband to have a refined, unisex aesthetic that made it one of the first wearables to be both fashionable and functional. Expanded editions included Fuelbands made with gold, silver, and a range of active colors. The final result was an iconic product that was embraced by millions and was instrumental in launching the fitness tracker trend.

Nike Fuelband concepts
Nike Fuelband
Nike Fuelband limited edition gold
Runner wearing Nike Fuelband
Nike Fuelband silver edition
Nike Fuelband limited edition gold
Nike Fuelband ice edition
Nike Fuelband
Nike Fuelband
Nike Fuelband flowchart
Athlete wearing Nike Fuelband silver edition
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The future of wellness

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