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Monica Healthcare

Saving the lives of thousands of babies each year

Our medical innovations with Monica Healthcare have saved the lives of thousands of babies. Working together, we’ve developed a connected foetal heartrate monitor lets doctors review data from mothers and babies remotely from home.

Key successes

  • Brought together a diverse team of experts to support the development of innovative wearable device
  • Enabled remote monitoring that allows expectant mothers to use the technology at home

Improving pregnancy outcomes through innovation

Monica Healthcare specialises in creating innovative wearable devices that monitor the health of unborn babies at home and in the hospital. Its patented technology is based on the acquisition of electrophysiological signals, detected by cordless electrodes positioned on the maternal abdomen.

From these signals, caregivers can remotely monitor a number of critical parameters, including foetal position, foetal heart rate, maternal heart rate and uterine activity. As well as improving pregnancy outcomes, Monica’s at-home technology can help expectant mothers avoid a lengthy hospital stay – reducing healthcare costs by millions of dollars.

Our technology experts are working with Monica to develop the next phase of the company’s pioneering technology, which is expected to save the lives of thousands of babies each year.

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