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Kopin Solos

Enabling cyclists to react to performance data in real-time and with minimal distraction

When Kopin, a leading developer of innovative wearable technologies, set out to introduce a brand and product platform of their own they reached out to our team.

Kopin Solos
Kopin Solos

Leveraging insights gained through evaluative research and in-field concept testing, Our interaction design, industrial design, and engineering teams helped evolve Kopin’s initial performance cycling headset concept into a compelling production-ready design.

Kopin Solos
Kopin Solos detailed view

Designed with aspiring and elite cyclists and coaches in mind, the performance eyewear allows users to customise their riding performance data and stream it to the integrated heads-up display, allowing them to adapt training or racing effort at-a-glance, in real time.

Kopin Solos heads-up display

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