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Cricut Mug Press

Making a pro-level tool for home hobbyists

How do you support a brand ambition to enable and encourage creativity for everyone? Cricut believes that home crafting should be simple and fun, and this approach has proved successful with customers as Cricut continue in their exceptional growth.

We have been with them on that journey since 2012, aiming to empower creativity through pleasurable experiences and simple-to-use designs. Setting that ambition is the first step, but bringing it to life requires close collaboration, relentless innovation and attention to detail.

Cricut Mug Press
Cricut Mug Press

Throughout our strategic relationship with Cricut, we have developed innovative crafting tools and equipment that are a delight to use, whilst still enabling professional-grade results in a safe manner. An example that encapsulates our ongoing relationship is the Cricut Mug Press. It’s a heat press designed specifically for decorating mugs. It uses Cricut’s infusible ink to transfer patterns and designs onto mugs and vessels in as long as it takes to boil a kettle. You can even recreate your children’s artwork with their infusible ink markers. Once the design has transferred it is permanent, as well as being dishwasher and microwave friendly.

We wanted the solution to be as simple and safe as possible. Mug presses already available are complex and industrial looking, which can be intimidating for hobbyists and crafters. Starting with the user experience, we simplified the entire process, so there’s no need to adjust settings or resort to trial and error – users can get creative straight away. The press technology closes around the mug which gives even, consistent heat and pressure to ensure a professional quality print.

When prototyping ideas, we developed an innovative new mechanism to remove user set-up and ensure the press closed consistently around the mugs every time. By automating the controls and simplifying the process, the Cricut Mug Press removes barriers to creativity and safely achieves high-quality results. The product sits perfectly into the modern home, imbuing the feeling of easy approachability.

Cricut Mug Press

The ability to easily create your own mug masterpieces in the comfort of your home is beautifully representative of the Cricut brand. Launched the same week as Cricut’s IPO, this is the latest in our ongoing collaboration with Cricut to develop experiences that encourage the joy of making. We’re very proud to be part of their journey in empowering creativity and craft in everyone.

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