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Aegon Asset Management

Taking an agile approach to go further, faster with organisational transformation

Kames Capital, part of multinational asset manager Aegon Asset Management, wanted to use agile techniques to deliver a complex restructuring of the business. From collaborative working to training and coaching, we provided expert support to help the company develop new agile capabilities. Kames Capital is now primed to deliver essential change initiatives faster and with greater confidence than ever before.

Key successes

  • Change portfolio is more effectively and efficiently prioritised, resulting in the organisation focussed on delivering the right strategic initiatives
  • Large programmes are consistently delivered within a year from inception to completion
  • Grass roots innovation is the new normal, not a manufactured endeavour
  • Business, change and technology are collectively aligned to common, unified goals

Mastering Complex Change

PA combine deep and applied knowledge of agile with a focussed and energetic pragmatism. Their work alongside our Change and Technology teams created an environment which will enable us to continue our agile journey long after their time supporting us concludes.”
European Head of Change Management, Aegon Asset Management

To seize opportunity in a fast-changing world, organisations must be able to implement complex change at pace. This was the challenge for Aegon Asset Management’s UK business unit Kames Capital, part of the multinational Aegon Group. With Aegon restructuring its business in the US and Europe, Kames needed to deliver the UK component of the transformation quickly and confidently. Our experts in agile transformation set Kames on their way.

We established a joint team, with our experts working side by side with the Kames change and technology functions. This would give the Kames teams hands-on experience of delivering change with agile techniques. Together, we launched the transformation, using the Scaled Agile framework (SAFe) to organise the change portfolio. This paved the way for a flow of strategic initiatives to reshape the business.

Developing New Agile Capabilities

We provided essential coaching and training in agile techniques and principles to circa 100 people. This included executive-level training for 50 senior leaders, highlighting their role as servant leaders in supporting agile change. We ran ‘townhall’ meetings for staff to inspire them for the changes taking place. Finally, we developed the case for change, enabling us to track the progress of change initiatives through the development cycle.

Our work is already producing results. Kames can now deliver large programmes consistently within a year from inception to completion, with 85 per cent of committed work consistently delivered quarter on quarter. Just as importantly, Kames has empowered and motivated people with the new agile capabilities and skills needed to meet the challenge of change in a world that never stands still.

This complex transformation was about more than getting all the components to fit together. It was about kick-starting a change in our mindset around how we deliver change and what we can achieve. PA were absolutely the right people to help with this. Their support was both inspirational and pragmatic.”
European Head of Change Management, Aegon Asset Management

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