Design, engineering, and science

Exploration defines design, engineering, and science (DES) at PA. Our curiosity and thirst for knowledge drive the development of new ideas, products, technologies, and ways of working that can change the world.

Whether you’re helping to design manufacturing and deliver thousands of ventilators to those who needed them during the fight against COVID-19, or prototyping an Electric Vehicle chargepoint, featured at COP26, you’ll experience a wide range of client challenges and learning opportunities in our design, engineering, and science teams.

Our integrated team spans our headquarters in London, our Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK, our US studios in San Francisco and Boston and our Dublin studio in Ireland. Working in our multi-disciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, technologies, digital experts and designers, you’ll deliver world-class product development expertise.

Whatever your specialist area, you’ll be hands-on, working in the lab with the mentorship of our inspirational people. At PA, we don’t just design concepts, we deliver tangible solutions to real world problems which make a difference to society.

We have opportunities for passionate designers, engineers, and scientists in these specialist areas:

Applied sciences
Human insights
Electronic systems
Mechanical engineering
Software and control systems
Complex systems
Electronic systems Take a look at the opportunities our Electronic Systems consultants have exposure to at PA Consulting.
PA gives you the opportunity to do real-world, hands-on science that makes a difference”

A global community

Design, engineering, and science have been part of PA's story since our founding nearly 80 years ago. Over the last few years, we've welcomed award-winning, globally-recognised teams to expand our design capabilities. Most recently, Design Partners, blending award-winning strategic consulting and product design for a full suite offering. Before that Astro Studios, creating multi-dimensional brands and consumer products, Cooper Perkins, converting inventive ideas into innovative products through engineering, Essential Design, applying strategy, design and engineering to solve challenging problems across industries, and Sparkler, revealing market-leading understanding of how consumers think and behave in the digital world.

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