Modern Slavery Act Statement 2023

This statement is made by PA Consulting Group Limited pursuant to clause 54, Part 6 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and applies to the UK business of PA Consulting group which includes PA Consulting Services Limited and PA Holdings Limited.

At PA Consulting Group (PA) we prize our ethical approach and are committed to complying with all laws and regulations applicable to our operations, including taking steps to ensure that there is no human trafficking or slavery in our supply chain or within any part of our business.

About our organisation

We are an innovation and transformation consultancy with more than 4,000 specialists in consumer and manufacturing, defence and security, energy and utilities, financial services, government and public services, health, life sciences, and transport. Our people are strategists, innovators, designers, consultants, digital experts, scientists, engineers, and technologists. We operate globally from offices across the UK, Ireland, US, Netherlands, and Nordics.

PA Consulting Group Limited is the parent company of the PA group of companies. Our principal operating subsidiary in the UK is PA Consulting Services Limited. PA Consulting Services Limited provides a range of consultancy services to clients which are delivered by its employees and by employees of PA Holdings Limited, a fellow PA group company.

Our assessment of the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains

We have undertaken a risk assessment of our supply chains and believe that the nature of the goods and services which we procure, the locations from which we procure them, and our procurement practices, means that the risk of human trafficking or slavery occurring in our business or in our supply chains is low.

Notwithstanding this, we are committed to continual improvement in managing human rights and modern slavery risk in our supply chain and we will continue to review our policies and procedures and assess the risks within our business and supply chains regularly.

Our core values

Our success as an innovation and transformation consultancy is founded on a set of core values: inspired by client value, passionate about people, achieving success through shared endeavours, prizing our ethical approach, seeking to excel and creating commercial success.

These core values commit PA and every one of our people to environmental stewardship, safe work environments and socially responsible behaviour in our workplaces and in our communities, as well as in the consulting services we provide to our clients.

Our code of conduct and our corporate social responsibility policy are based on our core values and drive the way we behave and govern our conduct towards our people, our suppliers, and our environmental, economic, and social responsibilities.

Our employment practices

At PA we are committed to the equal treatment of all, and we treat all our people with dignity and respect, providing a productive working environment free from discrimination, victimisation, coercive pressure, bullying and harassment.

We are a UK Living Wage accredited employer, and we use only specified, reputable employment agencies to source labour and verify the practices of any new agency before accepting workers from that agency.

Since 2007 we have been a member of the UN Global Compact, a strategic policy initiative for business that aims to align members’ operations and strategies with the internationally accepted principles relating to human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Our approach to supplier selection

Economic responsibility is enshrined in our core values and our business processes. PA supports sustainable procurement methods, whether prescribed by legislation or through our own policies. As well as the traditional procurement benchmarking criteria of price and quality, we support the ‘triple bottom line’ ideology and consider social, environmental and economic factors in the procurement decision-making process.

We choose suppliers on the basis of fair and transparent principles, and we encourage our suppliers to adopt best practices in terms of human rights and diversity, and we assess this through our supplier information request form which includes mandatory sections on compliance with laws and regulations, including the Modern Slavery Act. We also ask our suppliers to agree to our supplier code of conduct, or to provide their own which must meet our minimum standards.

Engagement with our stakeholders and feedback

At PA we recognise the importance of stakeholder engagement. Our commitments and actions in combatting modern slavery have been communicated to the relevant entities and functions within PA and we have ensured that relevant areas of PA are aware of what actions need to be taken to identify, assess, and address modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains.

All PA staff undertake annual training and an assessment on PA’s code of conduct and the group-wide policies and procedures that they must comply with in order to work at PA.

We encourage people across PA to take active responsibility for improving our performance and practices and for drawing attention to behaviours or other issues that give them concern. To encourage feedback and suggestions, PA has procedures and mechanisms to create a culture that allows people to speak up with confidence and in good faith in the expectation of being heard.

Our people and third parties can raise concerns anonymously through a confidential whistle blowing helpline that is operated by an external firm. Third parties, including clients and suppliers, can similarly provide feedback (anonymously or named) through PA’s external website.

This statement was approved by the boards of PA Consulting Group Limited, PA Consulting Services Limited, and PA Holdings Limited on 21 June 2023.

Kully Janjuah
Interim Managing Director
PA Consulting

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