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Women in Tech

Promoting diversity through inspirational training

Inspiring women to get into digital careers

Too few women pursue STEM-based careers. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, women made up just 12.4 per cent of programmers and software developers in 2018. But in our experience, it’s diverse teams of experts that deliver the best results.

To increase diversity in digital jobs, we’ve partnered with Code First: Girls (CFG), a social enterprise aiming to teach 20,000 more women to code by the end of 2020. Together, we run nine-week web development and Python programming classes for beginner and experienced coders, respectively.

Code First: Girls beginner’s coding course

To help build a positive human future, our female digital experts host eight-week CFG courses to teach other women the digital skills they need for richer careers. The beginner’s coding course takes women with no knowledge of coding and teaches them to design, build and publish a website. Watch the video below to find out more.

Getting women into coding with Code First: Girls
Getting women into coding with Code First: Girls

The gender diversity challenge

12.4% of programmers and software developers are female*

600,000 tech vacancies in the UK**

£63bn per year lost due to the digital skills gap***

*Office for National Statistics, dataset EMP04, September 2018
**Tech London Advocates, Diversity in Tech Manifesto, 2018
***Science and Technology Commons Select Committee 2016

A successful start

Tanika is one of the PA digital experts teaching the CFG course at our London offices. But she didn’t always want a career in tech – in fact, she studied film at university. That all changed when she found Code First: Girls.

Read Tanika’s story

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