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Our Global Innovation and Technology Centre



Our cutting-edge Global Innovation and Technology Centre is where we turn ideas into reality. It’s a place where our experts take our clients’ biggest challenges and help them with every step of the innovation journey, from prototyping to taking them to market.


Take a 360-degree tour

Join Frazer Bennett, our Chief Innovation Officer, on a 360-degree tour of our design studios, laboratories and engineering workshops. Click, hold and drag your cursor across the video, or pan your phone, to explore every part of our 10,000 square-metre Centre.


The right tools, skills and experience

Our Centre is home to more than 250 of the most innovative designers, scientists and engineers. They work on complex client challenges in a range of disciplines from mechanical engineering to new product design and launch strategies.

Product design and development

We work with you to understand the real desires of your consumers, letting us invent compelling products, packaging and brand experiences. We have the skills and tools to take concepts from ideation to launch under one roof, including the development of the systems and machinery needed to manufacture at scale.

Whether you want to gain genuine consumer insights in our observatory, embrace new technologies in our labs, or test prototype designs and pilot scale production in our manufacturing bays, we can help. Our cross-sector, multi-disciplinary teams will work with you to efficiently deliver ingenious solutions that exceed consumer expectations.

Products we've developed

World-first technology for glasses
250+ scientists, designers, engineers and technologists
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Our scientists and engineers are certified to design and manufacture medical devices. Coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the clinical and payer environments, that means we're uniquely placed to get innovative devices to market quickly.

Our clinical labs give us the space to innovate the underpinning biology, chemistry and physics, taking ideas through prototyping, regulatory approval and manufacturing. So whether you're an established player in healthcare and life sciences, or a start-up looking to disrupt the industry, we can help.

Products we've developed

Combatting tuberculosis
Licenced NICE Medtech Early Technical Assessment Tool practitioners
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From cutting costs to producing innovative products, we can help you reinvent your manufacturing capability.

Our cross-sector manufacturing and engineering teams specialise in using new materials, technologies and approaches to improve efficiency and reliability. They can develop new machines from the ground up, or find adjustments and additions to integrate with your existing plant, control systems and people.

Processes we've invented

Skipping rocks lab:
Innovative sustainable packaging
High-speed manufacturing of over 20 million pharmaceutical packs a year.
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We can help you discover and harness the full potential of data and connectivity. With so much information about your customers, suppliers and processes being created, you could be missing out on a lot of hidden value.

Our data scientists can devise systems for gathering more relevant data from your existing processes and networks, as well as ways to extract actionable insights from the information.

And our experts in deep learning, AI and robotics can help you understand how the latest digital technology will maintain your competitiveness and drive growth.

Our digital and data work

University of cambridge:
Digital transformation in agriculture
Developed a system to track 35 billion products per year
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We'll make sure your organisation is designed to innovate so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Using our extensive innovation experience, we'll help you improve the productivity and effectiveness of research and development, understand what technology you should acquire and how to get value from it, and plan a roadmap for the evolution of your technology.

And our intellectual property expertise means we can devise an IP strategy that optimises your investments and protects your competitive advantage.

Technology innovation we've managed

Land rover bar:
Technological innovation in sailing
Anti-Illicit Trade Task Force £24m Goods seized
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Putting your customers at the heart of your products and services is the key to ongoing success, and we have the designers to help.

With our end-to-end product development and manufacturing experience, we carry out in-depth customer research and robust trials on-site and in the field. We integrate this insight with your brand and operational requirements to generate highly creative, practical customer-focused designs.

Our customer expertise in practice

intelligent heating
Our unique design helped triple demand for a mineral water product
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bdr thermea
Intelligent heating

BDR Thermea: developing an intelligent heating system to improve energy efficiency

BDR Thermea is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-efficiency boilers, with annual revenues in the region of €1.7 billion. Faced with increasing competition from new technologies, the company announced plans to develop an intelligent heating system that would make it easier for customers to manage their energy consumption.

Our market research revealed that consumers often feel nervous about interacting with their boiler to manage the temperature of their home, and instead want a thermostat that is attractive and easy to use. Installers also want the lowest-risk installation process.

We designed two separate products – a consumer-friendly thermostat for home-owners and an installer interface for the boiler, focused on making the installation process as reliable as possible. In just nine months, PA's in-house design team developed both products to provide a fantastic user experience and meet demanding cost targets.

Products developed in just 9 months

We're driven by a desire to make a real impact through tangible innovation. And it's something we're very good at.

bdr thermea
Intelligent heating
Innovative kitchen towel

Ora: Innovative kitchen towel

We helped take the Ora kitchen towel from concept to supermarket shelf within 12 months. Ora has been designed to make using kitchen towels easier by layering single round sheets through an innovative stacking system. As there are no perforations, you simply lift off­ a sheet with one hand.

Each stack contains the equivalent of two traditional kitchen towel rolls held in a waterproof card base rather than on a roll. With no pre-existing equipment available, we developed a completely new manufacturing process at our Global Innovation and Technology Centre.

20% less packaging
30% fewer trucks on the road
Data-driven innovation

RENTOKIL INITIAL: Becoming a more data-driven business using the Internet of Things

Rentokil, a world leader in pest control, had spotted the potential of the Internet of Things to improve services. The company wanted to roll out connected traps (fitted with a sensor that sends a message whenever a trap needs clearing) to 15,000 customer sites in less than a year.

Working with our partner, Google, and using Agile techniques, our digital experts took just 12 weeks to develop and launch a new cloud platform to support the roll-out. The platform offers Rentokil infinite scalability for the future and, with this, the opportunity to explore new ways of using data to transform its business.

Handling 24 million messages a day
Data driven innovation
Saving babies' lives

Monica Healthcare: Saving the lives of thousands of babies each year

Monica Healthcare specialises in creating innovative wearable devices that monitor the health of unborn babies at home and in the hospital. Its patented technology is based on the acquisition of electrophysiological signals, detected by cordless electrodes positioned on the maternal abdomen.

From these signals, caregivers can remotely monitor a number of critical parameters, including foetal position, foetal heart rate, maternal heart rate and uterine activity. As well as improving pregnancy outcomes, Monica's at-home technology can help expectant mothers avoid a lengthy hospital stay – reducing healthcare costs by millions of dollars.

Our technology experts are working with Monica to develop the next phase of the company's pioneering technology, which is expected to save the lives of thousands of babies each year.

Saving 1000s of babies each year
Future of transport

Virgin Hyperloop One: Creating the first major new mode of transport in more than a century

Virgin Hyperloop One is developing the world's first hyperloop. With speeds two to three times faster than high-speed rail, hyperloop can reduce a 300 km commute to under 20 minutes. A pod, which can carry cargo or passengers, moves through a tube built under- or over-ground.

Our systems engineering and enterprise architecture experts have been working on the complex software and traffic control systems that will be needed. We've also given Virgin Hyperloop One the support to establish a robust road map for achieving their vision. Virgin Hyperloop One looks set to change the way we live, work and travel.

Reducing a 300 km commute to under 20 minutes
Future of transport
Tackling air pollution

DRAYSON TECHNOLOGIES: Saving lives by empowering communities to tackle air pollution

According to a World Health Organization report, seven million deaths are attributed to air pollution each year globally. In the UK, air pollution contributes to 44,000 deaths annually (Royal College Physicians Report).

Drayson Technologies believes that people should have the tools to see what's in the air they breathe, and empowered with this information, be able to reduce their own exposure to air pollution and their own impact. The company conceived CleanSpace™, a portable personal air pollution sensor and app that gives you real-time personal data on your exposure and motivates you to choose non-polluting transport choices in return for rewards.

We helped Drayson develop CleanSpace™ from concept to market in accelerated timescales, by providing commercial insight, technology expertise and scalable resource. We co-developed the portable air-quality sensor, the smartphone application and the cloud-based internet services required to register new users, track journeys, integrate air quality data and manage the rewards system.

7 million deaths worldwide are attributed to air pollution

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