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Annual Review 2016

2016 was a year of opportunity and change. Find out what our Chairman and Chief Executive say about 2016 and the year ahead, check out our key facts and figures, and read more about how we continue to make the difference for organisations, communities and individuals around the world.

Chairman's statement

"This is a defining time for businesses and governments alike … As a leading consulting, technology and innovation firm, it is our mission to guide our clients as they navigate these changes."

Marcus Agius       

Political, economic and technological developments have all contributed to making 2016 an extraordinary year for many organisations worldwide. While the implications of these developments are still yet to be fully understood, one thing is clear: this is a defining time for businesses and governments alike. And because of the resulting challenges and uncertainty, there is a huge amount of opportunity to improve and change how organisations interact with customers, consumers and citizens. As a leading consulting, technology and innovation firm, it is our mission to guide our clients as they navigate these changes. 

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Chief Executive Officer's statement

"Our clients face exciting new choices about their future; the convergence in business and technology consulting that we see in the market plays to our strengths; and I continue to be impressed by the quality, knowledge, focus and enthusiasm of our team."

Alan Middleton
Chief Executive Officer

The events of 2016 highlighted just how important it is for organisations to innovate, and our experience and expertise have been in high demand throughout the year. We have helped our clients achieve their goals and overcome their challenges – whether that is creating new products, services and markets or transforming for a more agile and digital future.

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2016 facts and figures

PAAR Infographic

How we made the difference for our clients

2016 brought new opportunities and challenges for organisations in every industry. Many looked to PA for the groundbreaking solutions and innovative thinking they needed to respond. We are proud to have worked with hundreds of organisations to help them achieve their goals and prepare for future success. Here are just a few highlights.

Supporting innovation in society

Innovation is at the heart of PA. We are passionate about sharing our expertise and supporting innovation in society. We work with young people and both new and established organisations to help them challenge the status quo, generate new ideas and achieve inspirational results.


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Teach First 

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The PA Raspberry Pi competition  

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Land Rover BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) 

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Our insights

In addition to our client work, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the debate on some of the biggest issues affecting our clients' industries. From creating a culture of innovation to combatting cybercrime, read our latest insights and research here.


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