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"PA Consulting Group has been able to deliver solutions where other consultants have failed. They have accomplished this by bringing the right resources at the right time to deliver the right solutions."
Mark Johns, CIS Manager, Aqua America

Business Intelligence - insight-led decision making

The time it took for Business Intelligence (BI) systems to churn out information in the past and the likely poor quality of data, meant that organisational decisions were often made on gut feel rather than based on fact.

The investment required on both time and resources were often too high to justify, and organisations often made do with the information they could gather easily rather than the right intelligence to make decisions.

Developments in technology and the reduction in cost to implement effective BI systems, has provided the opportunity for organisations to make better decisions based on clear insightful information.

Utilising BI, can help organisations to better understand their customer needs and establish likely sources of cost savings, which has long been a priority for CIO’s and will continue to be a focus going forward.

The key considerations when choosing an effective BI approach are:

  • measuring the right metrics – Are you measuring for measurements sake? What are the real metrics your organisation should be measuring that will define its true performance?

  • data quality – what can be done to improve the hygiene of the data input into Front office systems to improve the accuracy of subsequent reporting and analysis?

  • reporting and analytical tools – what tools do the various information consumers (from boardroom to shop floor) require to do their job (e.g. printed high-level dashboard versus root cause analysis tool)?

PA Consulting Group (PA) has over 20 years of experience implementing BI, ranging from performance dashboards to enterprise-wide implementations using our guerrilla approach. Our award winning work ranges from saving BP millions of pounds year on year by building a global procurement data warehouse, to helping the North West Shared Health Authority to manage the performance of their NHS organisations much more effectively via an intuitive dashboard.

If you would like to know more about BI or speak to one of our BI experts please contact us now.