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"PA's capacity to push forward and bring this new concept to market has strengthened Evian's brand leadership."

Senior Brand Manager, evian

Evian – elevating a global brand with innovative thinking

As part of Evian’s strategic brand development it needed to stimulate the bottled water market, which had doubled in volume in France since 1970 which supported health trends and the evolving lifestyle of consumers, and which would broaden its international appeal.

To achieve this Evian chose PA Consulting Group which had the skills and resources to develop the product against tight time-to-market and cost constraints, and which shared a commitment to realising the value of innovation. 

PA also provided an international perspective, demonstrated skills in visual and technological creativity, and possessed a solid understanding of manufacturing and production implementation issues.

PA’s understanding of the complex interaction between market, consumer, brand and technical requirements produced a truly innovative product design with aspirational qualities, and practical appeal.  PA’s engineering and production experience, meanwhile, enabled compliance with the technical and cost constraints stipulated by Evian.

The unique design was pre-launched on target to the French retail trade in early 2000, as a result of which demand for Evian’s product has tripled.  ‘Action’ was launched in the UK in June 2000, and in key markets worldwide in the following months. 

From this positive development partnership PA has been appointed to advise Evian on other products.

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