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"The deal with Amadeus gives us everything we were looking for from Next Steps. PA played a vital role in helping us to seize the market moment"

Mike Thorne, Project Director, British Airways

Adapting to a changing air transportation market

PA Consulting Group specialises in helping clients manage business, operational, systems and technological change in the air transport sector.

The air transport industry has faced major challenges in recent times - the worst economic recession in 80 years, the threats from terrorism and disease, highly variable oil prices and even a volcano. There are also issues around capacity (both in terms of airplanes and airports), responding to environmental concerns and mergers.

We know that, in this changing market, the winners will be those that manage change most rapidly, most effectively and whilst continuing to rigorously manage costs. While the air industry has built up enormous experience in managing operations to high levels of safety and security, the nature of the industry is changing rapidly. Past performance will be not guarantee of future performance. No amount of skill in managing the operation will save the players that do not manage change effectively.

Our skills and experience mean that we work with clients to manage change while they keep the operation flying.

Our recent successful projects include:

• Conducting a diagnostic3 and running simulation exercise to help Dublin Airport Authority improve their business continuity plans

• Development of a feasibility study for North European Functional Airspace Block

Our team of air transport experts understand the complexities of the sector and the challenges facing it in these rapidly changing times.

To find out we can help you keep your operation flying, contact us now.