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Adjusting to a turbulent air market

There have been enormous changes in the aviation industry since its inception 100 years ago. We know that in this evolving market, the winners will be those that manage change most rapidly and effectively, while continuing to rigorously manage costs.

We work with our clients to:

  • Explore future scenarios – our unique expertise in business and market modelling enables our clients to thoroughly investigate the consequences of possible scenarios, allowing them to make intelligent strategic and investment decisions.
  • Discover new business models – we develop organisations’ processes for service and product innovation, helping them to develop competitive advantage in their markets. Examples include analysis of where to participate, how to compete and how to make a profit.
  • Manage assets – we develop tools and models to forecast demand, optimise investment, review processes and manage risks and assets. We support and assist programme management teams, and intelligently using social media to predict demand.
  • Improve quality, cost and performance – we focus our clients on their customers, people and processes to define the necessary services to develop and prioritise factors influencing customer decisions and wellbeing.
  • Support procurement processes – we assist in the full procurement process for IT consolidation – from business case to negotiation.

Find out more about the exceptional results we achieve with our clients:

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Anders Adrem
Anders Adrem
Aviation consulting
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