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We help global manufacturing companies to stay ahead of the market, close the gap on competitors or improve profitability for the long term. We provide a broad range of consulting and technology services, all designed to help you achieve manufacturing excellence.  

We create exceptional results with lasting impact by focusing on strategy, top-line and revenue improvement, cost reduction, assets and liquidity, and environmental legislation. We can:

  • identify product cost-savings worth hundreds of millions with our ‘perfect cost grid’
  • secure value from effective procurement
  • Achieve excellent performance in manufacturing
  • re-invent manufacturing to deliver innovative new products
  • develop products from concepts, through design and development and into manufacture
  • create commercial advantage from technology and innovation.

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Experience Agile. Find out what Agile can do for your organisation.

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  • Manufacturing is going digital – how you can make the most of data, AI and automation to boost profitManufacturers have to decide where they sit in this world of new business models, digital value chains and enhanced connectivity – and where they see themselves in five and ten years. But what are the options? In his latest blog PA's Thomas brand discusses how manufacturers could make the most of data, artificial intelligence and automation to boost their profits. 18/10/2017
  • Retail is having to re-imagine itself. And fast.How do 'old world' retailers get even (let alone ahead) of their new world competitors? And what's Amazon going to do with its new innovation sandpit, Whole Foods? And how disruptive could this be? The truth be told, no had any hard and fast answers at the Consumer Goods Forum, Berlin. In this blog, PA Consulting Group's Retail Expert, Chris Heap, shares his perspective. 13/07/2017
  • HeForShe – what women want, and what men can doAccording to a World Economic Forum report, just 20% of the global workforce delivering professional services to government is female. And the brilliant HeForShe Whitehall event we recently co-hosted, has made me think properly about what my role is in changing (and not perpetuating) that. 08/06/2017
  • If you want to innovate you've got to set your people freeTo innovate you should make it easy for your people to think for themselves, use their ingenuity and not be perfect. So rethink policies, processes and procedures. 30/05/2017

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