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public sector national and homeland SECURITY

The difference we make

PA has a longstanding and close partnership with the security, law enforcement and justice community. We are trusted by our clients to deliver critical national programmes that strengthen national security, protect the public and save lives.


PA opinion

  • Delivering the Air Power ambitions of SDSR 2015: Time for a new focus on RAF innovationTo optimise its delivery of UK Air Power and meet the many challenges of SDSR 2015, the RAF must be willing to enhance its innovative capability and embrace new ways of thinking. 29/04/2016
  • The opportunity of BrexitIt is clear from our conversations with senior government and industry experts in the aerospace, defence and security (ADS) sector that the prolonged political and economic instability of Brexit will bring additional challenges to a sector that has already been tested by a long-term reduction in spending. 28/09/2016
  • Working together to deliver prosperity and securityFor the first time in a decade, the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) brings into focus the importance of global prosperity to national security, and the role that defence and security plays in bringing prosperity to the UK. 24/11/2015
  • Unlocking digital transformation within partnershipsPolice forces face some tough choices about the best way to access and share digital information and intelligence. 24/11/2015
  • Cybercrime tipping pointDownload our survey on the evolving threats of cybercrime. Crimes like car theft are declining, cybercrime is rising - how should the UK law enforcement should respond? 24/11/2014

PA in the media

What we can do for you

Our expertise in strategic client-side advice, research and innovation, technology delivery, systems engineering, complex programme management and business change has generated tangible results throughout the intelligence and investigative lifecycle – from defining strategy to delivering successful criminal justice and non-judicial outcomes.  We help our clients to address complex issues such as regional stability levers, counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, and to prioritise measures that undermine transnational organised crime.

We can help you to:

  • shape the strategy for a new cyber and digital age, balancing security and privacy
  • deliver effective access, storage and selection for multi-source digital solutions
  • develop tools to present a clear view of complex information
  • fuse multiple information sources to create knowledge about operational threats
  • identify actionable intelligence from multiple data and information sources
  • design new operating models to deter, disrupt or prevent crime and terrorism
  • deliver the business change needed to secure an arrest, prosecution and conviction
  • deliver criminal justice or non-judicial outcomes from complex investigations


Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

We’ll build a team of experienced, security-cleared professionals who understand how to work effectively in fast-paced operational environments. We work seamlessly with our client teams, blending fresh insights with deep experience and an uncompromising focus on delivering mission success.


Find out more about our work in defence and security.

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