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Business wargaming

Business wargaming

Our approach

Making informed and confident decisions is inherently difficult in today’s uncertain world. Interconnected, dynamic forces make up the complex ecosystems in which organisations operate, creating constantly evolving opportunities and challenges. Business wargaming can help make sense of this complexity, supporting leaders in their planning and decision-making.

A business war game has the ability to explore, test or stress-test plans and practice skills by bringing to life your internal and external ecosystems. We do this by combining the deep and diverse experience of PA experts and the specific insights of your people, immersing participants in an experiential event. Business wargaming enables you to create and test options, see live the consequences of your actions, and in so doing, make more informed decisions.

Our insights

What we can do for you

Our unique approach to business wargaming lets you anticipate how your organisation’s actions would play out in the real world at every level, from individual teams to the wider external environment – it lets you 'see the forest and the trees'. As a leader, you’ll be able to see what each team (tree) is doing, how the organisation (trees) is behaving, how your direct external environment (forest) is reacting, and what impact you’re having on your indirect external environment (wider ecosystem).

We combine four components to tailor a comprehensive, data-led business war game to your needs, whether its planning support or skills practice. We use qualitative data on the topic of the business war game and your ecosystem to craft materials that enhance the realism of the exercise. We can explore individual and group behaviours within the business war game to understand how to improve behavioural dynamics. We can also bring both static and dynamic modelling tools to the war game to better plan for what’s to come. And we use innovative technology and digital tools to capture decisions and discussions, make the experience more immersive and even deliver the business war game virtually.

The benefits of our approach to business wargaming include:

  • bringing external and internal factors to life so teams can understand and explore them
  • improving decision-making by uncovering false assumptions, unintended consequences, inter-dependencies and unknown unknowns
  • building consensus among decision-makers, teams and stakeholders by encouraging collaboration and the generation of ideas, in a safe place
  • mitigating the risk of significant, unforeseen costs and challenges.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We work with you to plan the right business war game (or series of business war games) for your needs, considering all the teams, organisations and industries we need to represent to deliver valuable decision support. We then identify the right PA people, with practical experience in the types of organisations and industries we’re representing, to be part of the experiential session. And we work with your teams to ensure we have all the specific insights needed to bring your challenges to life. The results are immersive business war games that generate concrete recommendations to support your decision-making and planning that we can then help you implement.



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