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Automated Contact Service

Improve customer service while reducing costs with automated contact

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Significantly reduce the cost and increase the pace of contacting customer and users with Automated Contact Service (ACS). Using emails, phone calls, texts, or a combination of all three, organisations can use ACS to transform how they reach people while reducing the strain on contact centres.

Whether people are booking appointments, updating details or returning to work, traditional contact methods are labour intensive and expensive. Integrating seamlessly into your existing contact streams, ACS builds rapport with users and customers automatically, increasing the availability of your staff to manage the most complex and value-adding tasks. It lets you offload repetitive jobs, like data collection and entry, while maintaining data security or quality.

Why ACS?


faster contact

Secure & private
GDPR compliant and encrypted communications

Fast deployment
Configured to your needs in as little as five days


less traffic to call centres

Bespoke integration
ACS can integrate into your existing systems

Multi-channel support
Contact customers and users through email, SMS and phone

Hampshire County Council

ACS accelerated support for more than 50,000 vulnerable people who needed to shield at home during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring carers could help those most in need. In just seven days, we developed and launched a Wellbeing Automated Call Service (WACS).

In the Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards, WACS was selected as a finalist in the Health and Wellness category and an honourable mention in the Pandemic Response category. It was also selected as the winner of the 2021 Amazon Web Services’ Global Public Sector Partner award for Most Valuable Amazon Connect Deployment.

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Improve customer service while reducing costs with automated contact

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