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PA Perspectives on Nordic Financial Services

Read our insight on the latest developments within financial services.

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PA Perspectives on Nordic Financial Services is our long-running series on the challenges and opportunities facing financial institutions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Explore our expert insights into the latest developments and trends based on original research, our experience in the industry and interviews with key business leaders.

Latest insights

Sustaining innovation post-COVID
René Fløystøl explains how Gjensidige is prioritizing and innovating to continue to be customers’ insurer of choice.

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The state of play for Web 3.0
A transient concept or here to stay? Either way, leaders shouldn’t ignore its potential impact on how financial products and services are consumed.

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Managing risk in the world of the conscious consumer
Traditional business models are being disrupted by consumer appetite to live more sustainable lives.

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The anti-money laundering paradigm shift
The banking sector spends billions on anti-money laundering compliance though there are signs of change.

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Advice on scaling your fintech start up
Incumbent firms crave the innovation mindset of their fintech neighbours and this has fueled a surge in partnerships. Here’s how can fintech’s scale-up successfully.

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