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PA Perspectives on Nordic Financial Services

Read our insight on the latest developments within financial services.

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PA Perspectives on Nordic Financial Services is our long-running series on the challenges and opportunities facing financial institutions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Explore our expert insights into the latest developments and trends based on original research, our experience in the industry and interviews with key business leaders.

Latest insights

Unlocking opportunities
We invited Jørgen Stråtveit and Frederik Rønn, to talk about how Nets will unlock new commercial opportunities through UNI and what others in financial services can learn from the project.

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Addressing the shackles of legacy IT in banking
Disruption is everywhere in today's financial services industry. Traditionally, banks and insurance firms have only been challenged from within the sector, by other similar firms.

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Technology platforms are key
We met with Camilla Leikvoll to hear how she sees the future of the Norwegian banking sector and how Storebrand’s technology is meeting the needs of customers today and in the future.

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Are CBDC the future of money?
With rising interest in cryptocurrencies and declining usage of cash, central banks are intensely investigating a new means of payment: central bank digital currency (CBDC).

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Exploring the digital future of financial services
Technology has always driven change, but never has the pace of technological advancement been as high. We sat down with Albert Welgraven to hear his view of how technology is impacting financial services.

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Knut Erlend Vik

PA financial services expert