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PA Perspectives on Nordic Financial Services

Read our insight on the latest developments within financial services.

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PA Perspectives on Nordic Financial Services is our long-running series on the challenges and opportunities facing financial institutions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Explore our expert insights into the latest developments and trends based on original research, our experience in the industry and interviews with key business leaders.

Latest insights

Improving customer experience

Improving customer experience
We met with Randi Marjamaa to reflect on a very challenging 2020 and discuss the way forward for the financial services industry and Nordea in particular.

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The future of payments
The Nordic region is one of the world’s most advanced retail payments markets and an innovation hotspot. Hastened by COVID-19, technological developments will further accelerate transformation during the 2020s, leading to unprecedented industry change.

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Creating the future of work
A pandemic and socio-political upheavals have upended how we live and work, accelerating some workforce trends and creating new ones, with still others predicted to emerge in the near future.

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How can the Nordics better fight financial crime?
Financial crime fuels some of the world’s most serious social and economic menaces. While this is a global battle, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have further to go than many of their European counterparts when it comes to countering the problem.

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Man vs. Machine: Is the future bot or banker?
The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has created a lot of hype in recent years as its growing ability raises the question: will machines empower humans or make us redundant?

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Who will win: Fintechs or banks?
Survey indicates that loyalty isn’t the main driver when choosing a bank – customers are looking for the best bank to provide the service they want. So, are banks starting to lose control of their customers?

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