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Autonomous vehicles

What are the roadblocks?

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When will driverless vehicles be truly driverless?

Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) are no longer part of an imagined future; they are being tested on roads today.

But, predicting an accurate timeline for when our vehicles will be fully connected and autonomous is a real challenge.

That has less to do with understanding the vehicle technology than assessing the complex web of policies and processes – from creating traffic signals that communicate with vehicles to insurance policies which support this new reality – that must be debated, decided and implemented. Our research looks beyond technology to understand what must happen before fully autonomous vehicles become a reality.

How ready are we?

We developed a unique framework to measure how ready we are across key areas such as regulation, enforcement, connectivity, insurance, and technology.

We also measured public acceptance of CAVs, which reveals interesting perspectives on people's desire to be 'picked up' by their car, and outlines strategies to win over sceptics.

Who will get there first?

The race is on to get autonomous vehicles on our roads, and governments are wrestling with the right policies, processes and public relations approaches to get ahead.

Our in-depth studies across the UK and the Nordics help work out which country might get there first.

The results reveal a series of gritty comparisons and parallels between CAV maturity in both regions and explore the reasons why these exist.

Each report cuts through the hype to reveal realistic timelines and outlines what is really required to make driverless vehicles a reality

UK: What are the roadblocks?

The UK report reveals the gaps in progress across critical areas, such as regulation, public acceptance and insurance.

Demystifying this new mode of transport, the report analyses what the gaps mean, and recommends how to overcome the roadblocks to get CAVs operating on our roads.

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Nordics: How long is the road ahead?

We humans don’t (yet) have the capacity to understand what a driverless world will mean. And what is required to get us there.  

Whilst optimism rules, the Nordics report reveals the big challenges in technology, insurance and infrastructure that need to be overcome, before CAVs will be in operation in the region.

Download the Nordics report

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