PulPac sustainable products & packaging

Viable, low-cost, and scalable

What is PulPac?

PulPac is a patented sustainable product and packaging solution that uses sustainably sourced cellulose fibre. PA is the exclusive global development partner of this revolutionary technology.

Why PulPac?

The technology dry forms pulp fibre in a unique way, delivering speed, cost and quality advantages over other cellulose-based routes. PulPac is a truly sustainable replacement for plastic that can meet complex product and packaging requirements.

What can you make?

Products or packaging in a variety of sizes with simple or complex geometries, functional barriers, bespoke artwork and branding.

Our products

Spoons, coffee lids and other single use products/packaging
Short shelf-life (up to 7d)
Trays, bowls and ready meals
Long shelf life (7d+)
Long life packaging, storage at home in cupboards/pantry
Electronics, durables, re-use devices


Low costs
Equal or lower cost per unit compared to plastics or wet pulp. Low tooling costs.
Equal throughput speeds of commodity plastics processing. Lower capital investment than other pulp manufacturing processes.
Less energy
PulPac process uses 10 times less energy than a wet process.
Raw materials from sustainable sources and fully recyclable or compostable.

The PulPac process and materials

The PulPac technology is the world’s only patented dry shaped forming process for cellulose. It combines two well established technologies, an air laid station and isostatic hot forming press. It uses sustainably grown trees or plant-based fibres, such as grasses, barley or cellulose-based waste streams, as feedstock and processes these to fully recyclable and compostable packaging. 

It does all this at throughput speeds and costs similar to plastic processing. The technology is suitable for low or high throughput, where machines are fully automated and easily scaled from application development to full production.

The process The material: the process and the art of the possible
Why CPG's choose PulPac PulPac overview and why large CPGs choose PulPac
Choosing materials How to choose the right material for your application
Sustainability How sustainable is the process really?

The source materials

The materials used in the PulPac process come from renewable sources, such as sustainable forests, arable crop waste or plant fibres. They’re fully recyclable as paper or cardboard, biodegradable and domestically compostable, depending on the application.

Sustainable trees
Arable crop waste
Perennial grasses
Examples made from arable waste

Shapes and sizes

It’s possible to mould complex geometries, deep draws and even threads and closures. The new types of fibre packaging can replace durable products such as hangers, electronics or standard injection moulded parts.


PulPac can integrate thin layers, such as natural waxes, compostable films and many more functional barriers, to enhance performance. And additives, either inside or outside the structure, can introduce hydrophobicity or grease resistance, or increase strength.


It’s easy to apply colours and bespoke patterns to products or packaging with or without embossed, debossed or printed elements, such a logos or text.

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