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New collaboration models needed in European airspace

Frank madsen | jyllands-posten | 13 january 2017

Read the full article in Danish

PA transport expert, Frank Madsen, has had a byline article published discussing how European airlines need to collaborate more to reduce CO₂ emissions, bring down costs and increase traffic.

With more than 40 national suppliers of air traffic services, the European airspace is highly fragmented and one of the biggest barriers to increasing passenger capacity in an environmentally friendly way, says Frank. He believes more initiatives are needed, such as the EU’s Single European Sky initiative. This aims to triple capacity, increase security, halve the costs and reduce the environmental impact by two per cent. 

The initiative has given rise to a number of exciting collaborations across borders and national airspace with new alliances and partnerships. One of them is Danish-Swedish NUAC, a collaboration between Swedish LFV and Danish Naviair.

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Frank says: “NUAC handles all air traffic services in Stockholm, Malmø and Copenhagen and is so far the only joint air traffic company in Europe. NUAC has succeeded in optimising its use of resources by minimising the use of fuel and by standardising control tower system support. Moreover, carbon emissions have been reduced together with the price per flight seat.”

According to Frank, NUAC is a brilliant example of how two countries, in close collaboration, have strengthened the Nordic airline market by increasing cost efficiency without compromising safety.

“European countries should learn from the Danish-Swedish collaboration and by doing so, can ensure European airlines remain attractive,” concludes Frank.

Frank Madsen is transport expert at PA Consulting Group

Anders Adrem

Anders Adrem, Aviation consulting Connect Email

The Aviation consulting team Email +44 (0) 207 333 6185

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