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"This was probably not a large assignment for PA, but the benefits have been large for WRSL: in monetary terms, potentially more than 100 times PA's fees."
Colin Brown, Engineering Director, Westinghouse Rail Systems Limited

Supporting change in the rail industry

The rail environment is changing, so the approach to business needs to change - from one of old railway, to one of efficient commercial entity operating in a denationalised, cross-geography, potentially franchised or concession environment.

In order to meet these challenges the industry will need: new methodologies to increase the speed of change; bold ambitions to create efficient interoperable networks; and an underpinning of high-quality analysis to make the case for changes.

PA works throughout the rail industry. Our experience with operators includes advising on business and commercial strategies and change programmes, demand, revenue and operational modelling, new mobile signalling technology and e-ticketing and passenger information systems. We also work with infrastructure providers on how to best price and charge for access and regulatory bodies on the best way to implement new policy. Our work is founded on insight, broad understanding and an empathy with the challenges of the industry.

New methodologies will increase the speed of change

Rail transport has to improve to keep attracting customers and users. This change is likely to come from the development of new and innovative production methods, new product concepts and improved services to the customer including:

  • Bold ambitions for interoperability

The industry is changing – creating common standards and rules that break down national barriers, enable trans-national operations and create global markets.

  • Robust analysis to support commercial decisions

Any ambitions and new methodologies need to be supported with robust analysis to give confidence in decisions being made in this new world.

  • Developing and implementing technology

In this changing environment, technology cannot be ignored, but it also needs to be carefully planned and developed by partners with an end-to-end understanding of its benefits and costs.

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