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"This was probably not a large assignment for PA, but the benefits have been large for WRSL: in monetary terms, potentially more than 100 times PA's fees."
Colin Brown, Engineering Director, Westinghouse Rail Systems Limited

Keeping the rail sector on track

As the rail industry evolves, operators need to transform into an efficient commercial entity that works in a denationalised, cross-geography, potentially franchised or concession environment.

To meet these challenges, operators need new methodologies to increase the speed of change, bold ambitions to create efficient networks and top quality analysis to make the case for change.

We work with our clients to:

  • Explore future scenarios – we create strategic responses that will deliver the best value for transport authorities looking to promote local economies.

  • Stimulate markets and innovate – using our technical expertise we identify and realise the best opportunities for operators so they create services that deliver better customer experience.

  • Maintain or upgrade ageing assets – our solid understanding of systems engineering and interface issues helps organisations to align their policy with the industry’s structure and financial constraints.

  • Ensure efficiency – our robust approach to operational efficiency and cost reduction ensures limited funds are spent in the most appropriate places.
  • Develop support processes to deliver a successful railway – our extensive experience allows us to develop and deliver significant improvements to support activities, such as ticketing and customer information.

Find out more about the exceptional results we achieve with our clients:

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Trevor Birch
Trevor Birch
Rail consulting
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