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Bringing Space closer to home with PA’s ingenious and expert team to help clients achieve successful results.

Our approach

Space is not the final frontier, it's just over our heads. PA’s wide global innovation and technological experience in wireless, space, defence and cyber security, across both the civilian and state sectors, will help your projects launch on time and within budget. 

Insights from our experts

What PA can do for you

More than 40 countries and thousands of companies are aiming to find profits among the stars. Our unique experience in everything from space regulation to launch technologies will give you the boost you need to compete in this new space race.  

We offer tailored help drawing on our range of expertise, including:

  • Space Flight Regulations
  • Public Sector Procurement
  • Space Business Design
  • Space Technologies: Quantum, Microgravity, etc

How we will work for you

This is a new era in which states and private enterprises are working together on megaprojects for defence and to create a positive human future. We will work collaboratively to provide a holistic overview covering resilience, present ambitions and your future needs so outer space will always be within your reach. 


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