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Strategic sourcing

Our approach

In a market that faces new trends and disruption on a regular basis, we give independent advice on how to set up your traditional or digital IT. Our experts advise on the best way to source IT for your organisation so that services are seamless – using in-house capability, outsourcing partners or a mix of the two.


What we can do for you

We can help you respond to your key challenges and bring value to your business. We do this by helping to create, procure, implement or revitalise outsourced, in-house and shared services. We have more than 25 years' experience of helping organisations develop and implement sourcing strategies and global delivery models. And we make sure you have the appropriate blend of outsourcing, insourcing, partnerships, shared services and offshoring.

Here’s what we can do.

  • Define an IT sourcing strategy that aligns with your business and IT goals
  • Help you to set out sourcing arrangements that are efficient, effective and fit for the future
  • Implement the solutions through well-managed transition and transformation programmes
  • Set out operating models and governance that maximise the benefits from your sourcing arrangements
  • Drive continuous improvement of services
  • Assure quality of work and improve strained relationships.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

Working across the supply chain, we help you build a sustainable sourcing strategy that allows you to create value for your customers and respond to changes in the market and technology – now and in the future. Our advice is always independent and impartial.


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