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IT assurance

Our approach

We provide independent assurance that your IT programmes are on track to bring the benefits your business is aiming for.

In the UK we are one of the largest providers of IT assurance services (including section 166 and expert witness) to the financial services sector.


What we can do for you

We can focus on any or all the components of your programme.

  • Make sure the business case is robust and the benefits achievable
  • Check that programme management and governance are up to scratch
  • Validate the different aspects of the technical solution: vision, requirements, architecture, design, testing and implementation
  • Make sure you're on target for delivery and that the risk profile is acceptable
  • Assess how ready your business is to accept the new solution.

And we can help at any stage.

  • Determine whether your programme is set up for success, with clear and achievable objectives
  • Scrutinise progress on delivery and identify any risks or challenges you need to take action on
  • Look at what you can learn from the experience once your programme is in operation and check you're tracking and managing benefits effectively.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We’ll work with you as a ‘critical friend’ – unafraid to challenge, but always positive and supportive. You can depend on us to pick up on any issues fast and provide pragmatic ideas for resolving them.

We never lose our focus on your business goals.


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