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In the connected world, the division between physical and digital is fast disappearing. For all organisations, connected products and experiences are an inescapable part of success. Our clients come to us because they know we can take such ideas from concept to market, faster. And they know we can keep them in tune with their customers and users, and a step ahead of their competition.

Our insights

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What we can do for you

Whether you’re filling a gap in consumers’ lives, giving patients better care or simplifying public services for citizens, our Ingenuity Lab can turn strategy into reality. We can help you:

Connect with people

Instead of starting with a specific technology, our trigger is the people who use it and the outcomes they care about. We spend time with your customers or service users to discover their needs, even if they can’t tell you about them. We study how they live their lives, their social context and what motivates them. The insights we gather anchor all the work that follows. And they ensure the experience we develop connects emotionally.

Innovate quickly

We’ve streamlined innovation by bringing the physical, digital and emotional into one place, so you can seize the initiative. Our teams design, test and iterate their way to a viable idea in as little as 12 weeks. Then, in a series of rapid phases, we create a minimum viable product, testing it with real people and iterating as we go to make sure they’ll value the result.

Go from start to finish

As well as digital designers, we have scientists, ethnographers, anthropologists, mathematicians, digital engineers, product designers, engineers and more. And they all work together because that diverse team of experts is the key to making great ideas real. It also means we cover the entire process, from first sketches to fully-functioning experiences.

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How we’ll work with you

The route to ingenious experiences in the digital age can be complex and difficult, especially if you’re dealing with various suppliers for different parts of the process. With us, you won’t have that problem. All the experts you’ll need are here in one place. So, everyone’s working to the same brief and for the same result, and there’s only one relationship to maintain. That gives you more simplicity and more certainty about the result, and it saves you time too.

Careers in digital

Are you an innovative thinker looking to take your career forward? We’re growing and looking for brilliant people to joins us.

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