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Vision and target user experience

The more able you are to express your target customer experience simply and unambiguously, the more likely you are to succeed. Doing it well means understanding what experience you want people to have, whether they’re savers, shoppers, patients or your own staff. We make that clear through a process that leaves you knowing exactly what you want to create, and what it will take to make it happen. You can use this vision to develop a digital strategy, guide transformation, re-build your whole user experience or design new products or services.

Our insights

What we can do for you

Whether you’re supporting your products with a new digital service or embarking on a major digital transformation programme, you need to start with a shared vision of the future experience and an understanding of what it will take to deliver it.

We’ll help you:

See things through your customers’ eyes

Along with Sparkler, a PA company offering leading customer insight, we’ll show you how people inside and outside your organisation interact with you on- and off-line, where the pain points are and where the opportunity lies. This shows the difference digital can make, focusing your initiatives on customer value.

Galvanise your organisation with a creative, collaborative process

Our method focuses on bringing together diverse teams to work through a dynamic and inspiring process. It leads to a clearly and simply articulated, shared ambition of the better future experience for users, and of the digitally re-made organisation that delivers it. It's quick, catalytic, and powerfully unifying.

Develop a simple shared vision everyone can get behind

The process lets everyone contribute, from senior leaders to frontline staff and customers. Then it boils the incredibly complex down to the strikingly simple: your vision, in visual form. It’ll be a focal point for everyone to rally around, across different levels, functions or regions. And it’ll help you focus your effort and resources on the right things.

Be clear about what to do, when

Knowing the experience you want to create helps you prioritise actions with near-term benefits, building momentum so you can take the leap to ambitious and transformative experiences, through a rapid series of stepped increments.

Get the most value from your investment

A clear vision and plan set you up for a smooth-running process to design and build your new experience to deliver an ambition everyone shares and understands. And that makes you more likely to see the measurable improvements and return on investment you’re looking for.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

Some consultancies might keep you at arm’s length, keep all the thinking to themselves and prescribe what they think is best. But that’s not our way. We put together diverse teams of experts, combining our industry and technical expertise with your experience of your organisation, to deliver enduring results at pace. And by sharing our experience from other projects, you’ll have the knowledge to maintain success for the long-term.


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