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Quality assurance testing

As digital innovation continues to drive success for organisations across industries, the pressure is growing to design and launch ingenious ideas rapidly and continuously. But while a great digital experience can deliver exponential growth, a poor digital experience has the potential to destroy a business. That’s where quality assurance (QA) testing comes in.

QA testing ensures digital products and services work as intended, so customers are always delighted. Yet we often find digital teams struggle with this vital stage of development – stakeholders press testers to cut time and cost, reducing their effectiveness. 

That’s why we take an automate-first approach to testing. By working with developers and testing teams to automate their processes, we can improve test repeatability, reliability and quality.

Our insights

What we can do for you

We start considering testing at the beginning of a development project, at the specification stage. Our team of experienced QA engineers review the test assets, automation frameworks and processes, supporting our clients to deliver the best digital solutions. We do this through:

Specification by Example

We use a technique known as Specification by Example (SBE), which captures acceptance criteria (the rules used to judge whether a specific feature works as intended) as realistic examples in simple language, rather than abstract technical statements. It encourages the closest possible collaboration between business owners and the delivery team and drives alignment between all stakeholders to discuss, create and set clear requirements. That makes it possible to highlight potential problems earlier, so teams can fix them more efficiently.

Test automation integrated into delivery pipelines

Our automation strategy is to add immediate value by focusing on code quality and user interface tests to find critical defects as soon as possible. Then we add a layer of testing across the overall system using end-to-end user journey tests, which demonstrate that requirements have been met. We’re vendor and technology agnostic, so we work with our clients to choose the best automation toolset for their needs, such as Cucumber, Selenium Webdriver, Cypress, TestCafe or Specflow, among others. We work with engineers to implement test automation as part of a DevOps pipeline to support Continuous Delivery through to production.

Accessibility testing

Accessibility is one of the most important compliance targets within digital innovation, but it’s also one of the hardest to get right as there are so many nuances to consider. That’s why our accessibility experts embed testing plans to meet the needs of everyone, right from project inception.

To ensure we’re helping you deliver on those plans, we test against the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), using both manual and automated methods across desktop and mobile devices. This ensures the products and services we create with you are accessible and work with screen readers, speech recognition and other assistive technologies.

Performance testing

You need to be confident your digital services will perform as expected under peak traffic with no impact on your business or customers. Our experienced performance testers use clear acceptance criteria to set non-functional performance targets using tools such as JMeter and K6. And we carry out performance testing and generate metrics to show your operational capability.

How we'll work with you

We embed our QA experts into your Agile teams to collaborate with your technical and business stakeholders. Our approach enables teams to adopt Behaviour Driven Development and uses techniques such as Specification by Example to consider quality early in the definition phases, reducing time to release.

We start rapidly, building an understanding of your high-risk areas and priorities from day one. We then quickly construct workstream test plans, clearly detailing where to focus functional and non-functional testing, along with a test strategy aligned to your business quality objectives and approach.


Quality assurance testing team

Chris Walker

Chris Walker