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Digital Operations Management

The cloud has obvious appeal for organisations who want to limit their maintenance costs, only pay for the capacity they use and launch their own services. But it takes expertise to run a cloud-based business. Also, costs can spike if organisations don’t take the right steps to keep them down. Our managed digital operations service works to strict SLAs, offers a single point of contact no matter how many suppliers are involved and can support you all day, every day, helping you sidestep both problems and get lasting value.

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What we can do for you

Whether you want us to work with you to develop a platform, look after one you’ve built yourself or take the strain off your teams, we'll help you:

Get all the support you need from one place

Our managed service covers everything from first line help, through your choice of channels for thousands of users, to rebuilding and testing services. Maintenance, upgrades, refining your capabilities or moving to a new platform – we handle it all. That’s because we bring together digital and IT networking skills, including IT architecture, cyber security and compliance. It means we can cover everything from collaboration platforms to the systems that run your business processes.

Enjoy peace of mind, 24/7

When you invest in new digital services, you want to know they’ll run smoothly and securely. Our digital operations management teams work to strict SLAs, ensuring we meet security, performance and management targets. And as we can offer 24-hour support, 365 days a year, you know any issues that might arise won’t be a problem for long.

Have a service that suits you

Working with you to understand your long-term ambitions and short-term goals, we’ll create a tailored service to suit you. Whether you want to keep track of tickets and monitor your system status through your own portal or leave all the heavy lifting to us, we can manage your digital operations in a way that works for you.

Keep cloud costs under control

Cloud is a great way to keep a lid on the cost of digital. But the bills can still creep up as you make development tweaks or change capacity. Our digital operations experts have worked on some of the world’s biggest cloud projects, so they know exactly where the bill-shock tripwires are. We mitigate them by making the right decisions in the design and build process or simplifying provision if you bring us in later. For one of our clients, we cut monthly bills by 40 per cent.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

No two organisations are the same, so the service that drives their digital capabilities should reflect that. We’ll match what we do to your needs, whether you want your IT team at the heart of things or freed up for other strategic tasks. The more care we take about getting that relationship and level of service just right, the better and more effective the partnership between us will be.


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