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New product development

Our approach

We help you develop new products and services that customers can't resist. We’ll get you from concept to certified product, ready to manufacture, much sooner than when you work alone.

What we can do for you

With a multidisciplinary team of product designers, scientists, engineers and technologists working in world-class facilities at our Global Innovation and Technology Centre, we can help you take a product from idea to market fast.

Here’s what we can help with:

  • New concept identification – developing new business opportunities based on consumer insight and enabled by new technologies and connectivity
  • Product and service design – designing world beating product concepts and supporting services based on advanced human factors and market insight
  • Technical feasibility assessment – developing novel technical solutions based on deep science, technology and engineering expertise
  • Product development – engineering concepts into physical products and services, using a staged process to manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Connectivity solutions – designing connected devices and specialist wireless applications, and delivering network connectivity for new products and services
  • Production of samples – manufacturing finished samples for market, customer and patient testing, and business case validation with investors
  • Transfer to manufacturing – working with manufacturing partners to transfer designs and establish long-term volume manufacturing capability.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We put partnership and collaboration at the heart of our relationship with clients and we love to innovate. That includes drawing on technologies and approaches from other sectors to find new solutions to your challenges. With our hands-on science and engineering capability, we can conceptualise ideas, build and test prototypes and then implement real-world solutions.



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