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network transformation

Helping you extract more value, reduce costs and deliver innovation with your communications networks

transform your network

As businesses go digital and increasingly rely on the cloud, and technologies like 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtualisation gain traction, the network is at the heart of everything. 

Communication networks are under pressure to deliver greater flexibility, increased reliability and the next evolution of technology. Competition for resources makes it increasingly important to prioritise investment projects that align with corporate strategy. 

This raises a lot of questions. How can you be sure your network delivers the service your business needs in a cost-effective manner while maintaining reliability, security and integrity? What technology should you invest in and when? And what should be your procurement strategy?

Combining deep understanding of disruptive technology with detailed planning, sourcing strategies and transformation programmes, we help you get more value and performance from your network.

Get more value and performance from your network

Whether you’re a network operator looking for opportunities in the latest technology, or a business looking to optimise an increasingly strained network, you have unique priorities and challenges, so you’ll need a bespoke route on your digital journey.

We can help you:

  • Our Design-to-Cost approach is different. We strip products and services back to basics and tell you how much they should cost, highlighting extra savings of up to 50 per cent. Our specialist tear-down team has successfully reduced the cost of hardware, ranging from support systems to complex network technology and customer premises equipment. This provides network operators with a powerful tool to negotiate with equipment suppliers and service providers, meaning you can drive down purchasing costs for critical network infrastructure.

    Maximising savings through network procurement shouldn’t come at the expense of increasing risk. Our Corporate Network Sourcing capability helps you develop sourcing strategies, identify the right partners and define and implement contracts across all network types to get the right balance. We typically achieve sustainable savings of 15-20 per cent while enhancing capabilities to futureproof your corporate network.

  • Our Network Audit capability enhances the performance of fixed and mobile networks. We apply benchmarking, operational excellence reviews and business intelligence to minimise capital expenditure, reduce operational complexity, increase efficiency and flexibility, improve time-to-market for new services and applications, and improve the customer experience. As well as enhancing capabilities, this typically finds cost savings of up to 40 per cent.

    The digital future needs a network that’s cloud-ready, with the agility to change geographic footprint, enhance the user experience and support collaboration quickly. Our Enterprise Network Advisory capability makes sure your network can respond to rapidly changing demands and help you extract more value from your network. And we can identify significant cost savings, in some cases over 30 per cent.

  • We can help you develop new products and services to win and retain customers. We have the expertise to understand your market landscape, develop business models to capture value in new ways and create the business cases that underpin investment decisions.

    5G is different from other mobile technologies. It has higher speeds, lower latency and greater capacity, and also offers better security and control to users. We can help you evolve your wireless network through valuing spectrum, managing deployment, understanding market dynamics and developing new services.

    IoT is already changing our world, but the best is yet to come. We’ve built IoT solutions for diverse requirements, including adult social care, smart ticketing, digital policing and smart metering. And we’ve developed our own LORA reference network. We can show you how to benefit from the growth of IoT.

  • Technology change can make your assets valuable to network operators. We’ve worked with transport  authorities and other organisations who can commercialise their physical infrastructure to deliver network upgrades for operators. We can help you understand the value of estate assets and commercialise them to uncover revenue streams from network operators.

  • Communications networks come in all shapes and sizes. Our experts can help with your unique communications requirements.

    We can help you migrate to the next generation of communications for the emergency services, future-proofing critical national infrastructure using hardened commercial networks.

    And we can help you provide secure and robust railway communications, teaming our telecommunications and rail experts to transform networks and exploit the asset base.

How we’ll work with you

Combining our networks and industry experts, all of whom have years of experience working in their respective industries, gives us a unique ability to create opportunities from your challenges. These diverse teams of experts will work closely with your people to ensure everything drives towards user outcomes and your goals.


We have deep technical and operational experience of working on wired, wireless and mobile networks with operators and equipment vendors around the globe. Combined with a unique breadth of innovation and transformation capabilities, from business design through to technology innovation, we help clients transform their networks.

Our team of network specialists is supported by over 250 scientists, technologists and engineers at our Global Technology and Innovation Centre.  

We have a unique and growing track record of helping companies, operators and regulators in advising, planning, souring, transitioning and transforming their networks globally.




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