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Manufacturing process innovation

Our approach

We help you develop new approaches, processes and machinery for manufacturing, so that you can cut costs and get new products to market more effectively.

Client stories

What we can do for you

We bring innovation to your manufacturing capability, helping you exploit new technologies to improve your performance and bring profitable new products to market.

Here’s what we can help with:

  • Manufacturing strategy - designing systems that integrate technologies, materials and control systems so that you can manufacture new products successfully
  • Creating new-to-world processes - exploiting novel materials and technologies to create new processes that deliver at the required quality and speed
  • Building bespoke manufacturing equipment - designing and developing new manufacturing machines to make, assemble, test and package new products
  • Manufacturing system integration - integrating processes, equipment, controls and people to deliver working systems, installed in your supply chains
  • Manufacturing transformation - reinventing existing manufacturing capability by adopting new technologies, to help you cut cost, improve performance and realise new growth
  • Sharing and sourcing networks - advising on the sharing of networks (including virtualised networks) and the sourcing new network elements, to improve performance
  • Network operational performance - getting your manufacturing networks performing better, through detailed audits of architecture, investment and key performance indicators.



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