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Cyber security

In this digital world, cyber security is a top priority. What happens if your customer data is stolen, your website is taken down or even if your printers are hacked? You need the right strategies, systems and technologies to avoid such crises. And when a cyber attack does succeed, you need the resilience to get back to business with minimum financial and reputational loss.

Our diverse team of cyber security and resilience experts works with you to capture the opportunity. We’ll support you end-to-end, from assessing your current state, through developing clear strategies to meet your goals, to implementing the systems, processes and culture you need.

Our insights

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What we can do for you

Our cyber security and resilience experts have worked with some of the world’s leading companies, as well as governments, to put in place the systems, processes and technologies that control cyber-risk.

We'll help you:

Test your security

We’ll put your security systems and processes through their paces with penetration testing and realistic exercises. Find out more about penetration testing here.

Understand your risks

We’ll help you show that you know your cyber security risks and have a process for dealing with them. That will help you comply with standards like ISO 27001, PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials, GDPR, IEC 62443 and NERC CIP. Find out more.

Create a security strategy and put it into action

With a strategy in place, everyone will know who’s responsible and accountable for making security decisions and acting on them, meaning no gaps will appear that attackers can exploit.

Build a security culture and capability

With training, we’ll help make sure everyone plays their part in keeping you secure, from handling data properly to developing apps with no vulnerabilities. Find out more and book our cyber training courses here.

Respond to cyber-attacks

We’ll help you pinpoint the source and cause of an attack, minimise the damage and recover quickly. We’ll also make sure you have a plan for handling incidents effectively from start to finish. Find out more.

Monitor threats

Our intelligence about emerging security threats helps you focus your security effort on the right things. And we’ll help you hunt for threats lurking in your network.

Discover what matters most – and see it clearly

We help organisations search millions of documents. They could be preparing investigations for litigation, following up on a cyber breach or embarking on mergers and acquisitions. Find out more.

Client stories

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How we’ll work with you

We combine cyber security and resilience expertise with deep sector knowledge. That means we understand the challenges you face – and develop a response that works for your business. Whether your existing security programmes are highly advanced or just developing, we shape our approach to fit.


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