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Operating model design

Our approach

We help businesses gain competitive advantage, respond to disruptive market changes, serve customers better and create extra shareholder value. We do that by redesigning the way they work.

We develop innovative designs for operating models. We make sure all the features work together as a whole, and that the model works in practice, not just on paper.


What we can do for you

  • Confirm whether your existing operating model is still ‘fit for purpose’ in the light of changes in your corporate strategy or your operating environment
  • Establish how your organisation will need to change to meet specific goals, like winning more business, enhancing your customer experience, or cutting operating costs
  • Design innovative ‘target operating models’ that will allow you to achieve your strategic outcomes, like launching a new product, entering a new market or completing a merger or acquisition.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

  • Work closely with your leadership team to really understand your corporate strategy and customer needs, so we can identify the business capabilities required to meet your strategic goals
  • Come armed with business model and sector insights to establish the ‘big design questions’ that need to be answered quickly
  • Apply our ‘leading practice’ Business Design framework (developed in conjunction with Henley and Ashridge Business Schools) to guide the design process, tailoring it to your specific situation
  • Provide robust challenge and apply a mix of creative and analytical thinking
  • Forge the critical links between the operating model components to make sure your organisation’s resources – your people, processes, information, systems and infrastructure - are all properly aligned with your organisation’s goals

Your specific operating knowledge will support our experienced business design team to develop solutions than help your organisation go further, faster. Our collaborative approach means everything is tailored to your specific challenges.


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