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The health and wellness economy is experiencing profound disruption. People are demanding more seamless experiences that enhance their wellbeing and happiness, helping them perform better, look great and live longer.

The new wave of advanced technologies present exciting opportunities for innovation. There is scope for more sophisticated and interconnected products and services across fitness, wellness, health and performance ecosystems. By using science-driven innovation we can imagine, design and commercialise these new growth platforms at pace.

At PA, we imagine the future and bring new products and services to life. Through evidence-based insight and best practice delivery, we help our clients think big, start small and scale fast. We unlock new growth areas, foresee change and create future business value. Ultimately, delivering all-round experiences that help people live happier and healthier lives

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We develop smart garments and wearable technology for sports, healthcare and professional industries that elevate human potential.

Sport and fitness

We are proud to work with global leading brands to create next generation connected sport and fitness solutions for improved performance.

Consumer wellbeing

From personalised and better nutrition to improved sleep, we create new connected experiences that improve human health and wellness.

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