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Creating customer-centric designs

Did you know that many wind turbines have an efficiency of just 40 per cent? Surprisingly, humpback whales are providing the inspiration for an improved design – the gnarled edges of their flippers ‘grip’ the water better, reducing drag compared to smooth blades.

At our Global Innovation and Technology Centre,  we developed recyclable gin packaging that improves sustainability while reducing costs for Scottish spirits distillery, Dunnet Bay Distillers.

We recognise the value of great design, balancing form and function to deliver results. For example, we reimagined the home rowing machine for Hydrow, drawing inspiration from racing boats on moving water, classic cars and iconic furniture. The result is a connected rowing machine disguised as a piece of beautiful sculpture.

We worked with Photobox to re-build, modernise and improve their creation studio product – which allows users to create personalised products.

Great design reaches across physical and digital products and services throughout sectors. Across industries, we:

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We believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future.

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Our diverse teams of experts combine innovative thinking and breakthrough use of technologies to progress further, faster. Our clients adapt and transform, and together we achieve enduring results.