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WePROTECT Global Alliance


Global response to child exploitation

Internet safety and security isn't protecting children and we believe more needs to be done to prevent child exploitation online. We partnered with WePROTECT, a global alliance led by the UK government, to create the first Global Threat Assessment – a point of reference to encourage a consistent international response.


Key successes

  • conducted research with a global network to create first Global Threat Assessment

  • provided a consistent approach to protecting children from online child sexual exploitation

  • highlighted online vulnerabilities and the scale of the problem

A global problem


Online child sexual exploitation and abuse is the most sinister form of cybercrime. There have been efforts to better protect children, but there’s a need for a global response to solve such an international problem.

The internet gives offenders unprecedented access to victims around the world and new ways of exploiting children on a devastating scale. Governments and businesses can do more to stop technology enabling abuse.


reports in 2017

to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children


unique abuse images

per month found by Project ARACHNID



of one abuse site of the Department of Justice

Working together to better protect children


To highlight online vulnerabilities and help protect children, we partnered with the WePROTECT Global Alliance to create the first Global Threat Assessment – a point of reference to encourage a consistent international response.

PA worked closely with our secretariat in the UK Home Office to produce the first ever publicly available Global Threat Assessment. I was impressed with the high quality of their research and analysis, and their ability to effectively communicate complex and sensitive issues to an international audience.

Ernie Allen
Chair of WePROTECT Global Alliance

The report draws on an international network of law enforcement, governments and non-governmental organisations to assess the threat of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

By conducting research with this global network, our report highlights the true nature of cross-border abuse and the scale of the problem. For example, it shows one project finds and removes 80,000 unique abuse images each month, and the Department of Justice discovered one Dark Web site with more than a million users.

Our report ensures countries and organisations have a consistent approach to identifying, managing and preventing this growing, persistent and historically unseen threat, globally.

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Nick Newman

PA defence and security expert

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