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Wasa Kredit


Helping businesses develop faster

We’ve helped Swedish finance business Wasa Kredit to be the first Swedish financial business to offer small and medium-sized organisations the chance to lease a range of equipment, including machinery, online. By taking an agile approach, we’ve helped them take advantage of the market and launch an innovative new digital platform nine months faster than their competitor.


Key successes

  • schedule

    Accelerated the development of an innovative new digital platform, taking it from ideation to creation in just four months

  • time

    Streamlined processes, saving Wasa Kredit staff 40 minutes per transaction

  • people

    Developed a customer-centric approach that’s positioned Wasa Kredit on the e-commerce market for equipment financing

Bringing an innovative digital solution to businesses

In Sweden, small and medium-sized businesses increasingly buy machinery equipment online. Wasa Kredit saw a chance to give them a leasing option to provide flexibility to businesses going through rapid growth. But they knew competitors had seen the same opportunity. They needed to move fast, and provide an outstanding offering.

Our diverse team brought expertise in programme management, IT, digital and business design. Our team helped them accelerate the development of a digital platform that customers can access through their usual retailers’ websites. As well as buying equipment outright, they can lease it over 12, 24 or 36 months. This can be done in seconds.

Taking a customer-centric approach

We brought together a small team, including Wasa Kredit’s risk and compliance specialists, and the developer who built the digital platform. By coaching them to work autonomously in an agile way with cross-functional teams, they were able to make decisions quickly and test the design to make sure customers would respond well. It meant that together we could develop a pilot version in just four months, which gave them a nine-month head start on their competitors.

Analysing the maturity of the e-commerce market told us the restaurant and building sectors would be suitable for the pilot. After running successfully for three months on a major retailer’s site, it expanded through 2019 to run on nearly 60 more.

Not only do customers have more flexible options for equipment financing seven days a week, but retailers save their time on every leasing transaction. And the business saves itself spare time on administrative time.

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