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Taking training for mental health professionals to an international market

Supporting and treating people with mental health problems requires the best possible expertise. We’ve been working with The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, a specialist mental health trust, to build on their international reputation by expanding into new markets. With our help, the trust can support more healthcare professionals globally deliver the best possible care.

Key successes

  • search

    identified the best opportunities around the world for the Trust to build on its strengths

  • people

    providing more mental health specialists and healthcare workers around the world with access to top quality training

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    delivered specific recommendations and clear direction for the Trust to enter those markets

Mental health training that changes lives

People with mental health problems need expert treatment and care from clinicians who have received the best possible training. The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has an international reputation as a leading provider of mental health training and education that changes lives. Mental health practitioners, other care and healthcare workers, teachers and many other professionals can provide better treatment and care thanks to the world-class education they get from this specialist mental health trust.

Tackling the challenges of internationalisation

The Trust’s senior leadership team were keen to build on their international reputation by expanding into new markets to spread its influence and networks and create a sustainable revenue stream. The Trust has an international reputation and a track record of working in other countries. With our expert guidance, we enabled the Trust to take a more focused and systematic approach to growth. Our track record in healthcare and education and our experience of developing internationalisation strategies for NHS organisations meant we could bring together the right team to make it happen.

We worked closely with organisation’s clinician-educators, the senior team in education and training, and executive team members to understand the Trust’s strengths. And we carried out market analysis to find the best opportunities around the world to build on these and grow the education business. China and the Middle East both showed enormous potential. We investigated market trends, competition and the scale of opportunity, and developed specific recommendations for entering these markets.

Supporting healthcare professionals globally

Our practical recommendations set a clear direction. For the Trust, the process of exploring their strengths and ambitions has been just as valuable. They’re building capabilities and refining the education offer with a clear understanding of the challenges of internationalisation. They also understand the need to strengthen their domestic operations, so they launch their international business from a secure footing. The expansion will give more mental health specialists and others working in healthcare and related sectors around the world access to top quality training.

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