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Exploring the potential to create an analytics service from fitness event data

Sports events can help individuals build fitness and health in a fun community setting. We worked with HAL Sports, a US firm that provides timing, scoring and consultation services for road races and mass endurance events, to explore the potential of developing an innovative new analytics offering that encourages healthy living. New possibilities, such as capturing and analyzing weather data to predict heat exhaustion for a race, sparked ideas to enhance the participant journey with real-time prompts through their device of choice (app, watch, etc.) to drink water. From here, should the temperature exceed a certain threshold, the participant would be warned of the risk and guided to the next water station to ensure they drink more water to prevent potential heat exhaustion.


Key successes

  • list

    evaluated the potential to develop a new event-based analytics service

  • people

    gathered 10 years of participant data from over 1,000+ events to build example analytics that showed the art of the possible

  • complex technology

    recommended additional data needed to create a monetizable service offering

Building health in a community setting

HAL Sports, a Denver, Colorado-based firm saw the opportunity to harness digital technology to develop analytics offerings to support healthcare providers, medical device firms, and biopharmaceutical companies.

Data put into context is in demand and has a multitude of uses. Healthcare providers are exploring social factors that influence a patient’s health in efforts to design more preventative wellness programming for chronic diseases that are preventable, such as diabetes. Medical device firms are constantly seeking new site locations to test products in and outside of clinical settings. And biopharmaceutical companies are seeking new site environments and conditions to target clinical trials where a drug therapy requires testing under exercise duress. These companies are also looking to engage more directly with patients to close the gap on enrollment, and boost engagement and retention in clinical trials.

Designing a data strategy

PA converted our data into fitness event analytics that will enhance the healthcare patient journey. That’s been key for us growing our business and empowering our customers to live healthier lives.

Lonnie Somers
Co-Founder, HAL Sports

HAL Sports has data spanning 10 years across more than 1,000 events. We provided data strategy, coding and consolidation, and visualization services to forecast the opportunity for creating a monetizable analytics service for HAL Sports. To achieve this objective, we:

  • converted their disparate data into usable analytics by consolidating the data into a common structure
  • recommended developing a data model and data warehouse to address the data requirements for the new service
  • highlighted what new data should be collected to create the monetizable analytics offerings.

To ensure participant privacy, we adhered to the California Consumer Privacy Act, one of the strictest in the nation, while doing this work. We advised HAL Sports on the need to secure participant permission to collect certain new sources of data, which would enrich current event data with further insights. Examples of the new sources of data included event weather, course information, incident data (e.g. heat exhaustion), attrition rates, race splits, and participant biometrics.

Through this work, we’ve enabled HAL Sports to use their newly developed digital, analytics and data visualizations capabilities to engage potential partners about ways to enhance race data and make it valuable to consumers and providers alike.

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Sports events help build fitness and health in a fun community setting. Discover how sports management firm @HALsports created a fitness-event based #analytics service using our data strategy, visualization and digital expertise

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