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Cloud brings application integration out of the shadows

Lindsay Clarke

Information Age

4 December 2013

PA’s Alastair McAulay, IT expert, is extensively quoted in an article about cloud adoption. The article looks at how although adoption is well underway, implementers are also realising the challenging implications.

Alastair says that companies should move to a more proactive response to cloud computing, guiding business users to the cloud platforms that will be easier to integrate, and selecting an in-house architecture which will be easier to integrate with the cloud.

Alastair explains: “You need to work out the platform which you are going to use [alongside cloud], which is the most compatible and puts you in a good position to deal with cloud.

“You’re moving away from the mindset of denial, to trying to intercept to stop bad things happening, to constructively saying, ‘well actually the cloud is an excellent option, and is going to be cost effective, so we recommend it’.”

Alastair goes on to explain that it does not mean that IT departments should give up the goal of creating strong governance for application integration: “Cloud technologies will not remove this role, but they will mean departments need to better understand what is happening in business units.”

“The business says, ‘we need to do this now’ and IT talks about data architecture. IT is not feeling the pain of the business,” explains Alastair. “IT needs to understand what is happening. You are in a situation where the finance department is asking why there are so many credit card payments for Amazon Web Services, and IT does not know about it,” he says.

Alastair explains that as part of the solution, IT will need to engage the business to make decisions about processes and data governance in order to integrate cloud application. “For this to work, IT needs a strong working relationship with the business,” he says.

Alastair explains the engagement between the business and the IT department: “A lot of the time people in IT pull the wool over their eyes in terms of how engaged they are with the business. They end up talking to someone who is technically in the business, but is IT-interested anyway. It becomes a conversation between two geeks. It is not the same as talking to someone in the front line.”

You can read the article in full here.

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