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Cyber security and diversity in computing

Watch the full clip on BBC iPlayer (skip to 00:14:24)

BBC Look East (West) speaks to Tim Ogle, cyber security expert at 7Safe, part of PA Consulting Group, about how the company is trying to attract more female employees.

Tim Ogle says: “When we’re trying to recruit people into the team, there’s often a distinct lack of female candidates to even interview. It isn’t that we don’t want to take them on, it’s that they don’t exist at the front door. So if we did find them, we’d probably take them.”

Tim continues: “If you go and speak to school children, which I’ve done in the past, you ask “Who wants to go into cyber or be an engineer or software engineer?” It’s nearly all the boys who put their hands up. And we need that to switch to girls too, and I think it starts right at educational level.”

The reporter explains that computing today isn’t just about sitting at a screen and shows PA’s young engineering apprentices getting hands on experience, testing circuit boards for a new brand of drinks machine. The next shot is of PA using 3D printing to make prototypes, from medical instruments to communications devices. “This component will form the casing for a new type of detergent,” Kate Bradbrook of BBC Look East goes on to note.

Tim continues: “We’ve got engineers on all aspects, whether it be software or hardware, we’ve got design, human factors type people – those are skills that come together to make the products that we use really useable. But more and more it’s about the human interaction with those products, given the Internet of Things type activity, with that comes a security aspect obviously but it’s about bringing all those things together and again, I think it’s an appealing place, if you’re male or female, to come and immerse yourself. It’s a really exciting environment.”

PA's Raspberry Pi Competition 2018

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