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How Denmark’s travel card could help to harmonise its transport system

"If we start realising the potential of new innovation platforms [...], we may face a new industrial revolution that will ensure the future of Danish production and workplaces."


søren have and rasmus nielsen, PA it strategy and transport experts

Ole Lykke
7 June 2013


Read the original article in Danish

Ole Lykke, PA transport expert, discusses the challenges faced when introducing the Danish travel card, Rejsekortet. Ole points to the fact that Rejsekortet is owned by various parties, which means that the fee structures and ticket systems vary.

Ole explains: “No doubt, the companies involved have been on an educational journey in trying to adapt their own processes, ticket types, business models and IT systems to the travel card system. Moreover, these companies have had to give up their sovereignty in that most tickets are now attached to the travel card itself, and it has become difficult to define who actually owns the card.” He adds that the companies involved used to be competitors as well as collaborators, however they now find it difficult to differentiate themselves.

To make the travel card simpler and easier to use, writes Ole, we need to have similar definitions on tickets for children, senior citizens and disabled people, and the companies behind the travel card must agree on a common customer service and web page, as well as the underlying processes.

“The travel card exemplifies the inefficiencies that exist in the Danish collective transport model. This may seem like an expensive lesson to learn from in the short term, however I’m sure that it will benefit customers in the long term and will help to improve Danish transport companies overall,” writes Ole.  

Ole Lykke is a transport expert at PA Consulting Group       

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