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Robotics and artificial intelligence – a new paradigm shift

To read the full byline in Danish click here

PA technology strategy expert, Torsten Jacobsen, has had a byline article published in Berlingske Tidende looking at how artificial intelligence, robotics and automation will affect our future and the way we live and work.

The article highlights how, looking back on history, automation derives from the industrial revolution, when traditional manual labour was replaced by production industries. Later, the concept of automation was brought to life by Henry Ford and General Motors with the mass production of automobiles.

Torsten says: “Many production jobs have disappeared, while new jobs have been created in new industries caused by technological progress. We are now facing a new and probably far more pervasive paradigm shift that will change the way we live and work.”

The paradigm shift is artificial intelligence, which according to Torsten, is gaining more ground. This is especially true in the private businesses such as law firms, where artificial intelligence is used to scan legal documents. However, it may also be applicable in areas such as supermarkets, airports and within case handling in the public sector, where robots can provide a service that is faster and more efficient compared to what human beings can deliver. This will save companies money and resources.

Torsten says: “A fine example is Amelia, an artificially intelligent robot, developed by IPsoft. Amelia understands up to 20 different languages and can interpret the emotions of the person she interacts with. Imagine that Amelia works for an insurance company. When a customer calls her with an inquiry, Amelia asks a number of questions, and she increasingly understands the customer’s issue. This combination is new and will revolutionise the way we work. It means lower costs, a faster response time and an increased level of efficiency.”

Torsten stresses that by welcoming this new way of using the technology, rather than fearing it, it may be possible to create new jobs at home, rather than outsource jobs.

“We are definitely facing a new revolution, and we must now understand and embrace this new technology and the opportunities that follow it,” Torsten concludes.

We will be joined by IPSoft at our Technology Conference on 21st May 2015, where they will demonstrate their Amelia robot. If you are interested in attending the event, please register here.

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