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Wearable Technology: The next frontier in computing

Wearable technology is no longer a fad, it's a reality. Consumer sales of wearables are rocketing and it's time for businesses to wake up to the scale of this opportunity.

From helping employees to operate more effectively to driving better customer outcomes, wearables provide practical solutions to many industry challenges.

To learn more about the integration of wearable technology into your business operations, explore our site or contact us to arrange a discussion.

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More about these wearables awards
PA Consulting Group and Management Today launched the Wearables At Work awards in 2015 to celebrate enterprise use of wearable technology. Seven entries have been shortlisted and the winner will be announced in November.

wearables at work

Wearable technologies offer the opportunity for businesses to engage with customers in new ways and improve business operations.

Customer engagement
Targeted marketing
Providing customers with relevant products or services based on contextual or environmental data
Better insights
Using sensors to unobtrusively provide data and feedback to enable continuous improvement
Enhanced customer experience
Using technology such as augmented reality to deliver a more engaging customer experience
Increased competitive advantage
Delivering innovative services to attract or retain customers and increase market share
Improved product efficiency
Helping customers or patients to use products or medicines as required or as intended
Improving business operations
More agile operations
Using portable sensors to capture and share data in a more agile manner
Increased productivity
Delivering location-specific information to employees in the field to help get the job done
Cost savings
Automating activity and lowering training requirements for workflow-based activities
Improved quality
Minimising procedural errors by providing highly visual instructions
Increased safety
Providing unobtrusive hands-free technology as a support tool to employees operating equipment
New business ventures
Opening up new channels to deliver existing products and services

Perceptions on wearables - how far is too far?

At PA's recent innovation event in London over 50 senior executives took part in a short survey poll, which sought to gauge attitudes towards the adoption of wearable technology. The poll, which asked questions around the theme of 'How far is too far?', had some surprising results. Scroll through to explore.

Wearables in context

Select an industry to learn what role wearables can play in the future:


Energy & utilities


Life Sciences


Store check and shelf compliance Using head mounted displays to see how shelves should be displayed. If the shelves aren't compliant, notifications can be pushed to shop operators on their smartwatch.

Product information and price comparison Helping customers to scan product barcodes, view product specifications, see reviews from users and check out live prices from other retailers.

Shopping assistant Helping customers to navigate through the store or see further promotional material for particular products.

Click and collect Helping retail operators to gather orders while the customer is on their way to the check-out.

Energy & utilities

Troubleshooting Remotely connecting employees in the field with experts at centres of excellence.

Repair instructions Displaying step by step guides, task lists for completion and necessary precautions to take on jobs.

Appointment scheduling Displaying work orders to employees in the field via wearable devices.

Asset management Improving record keeping via direct access to GIS/asset management systems.

Reliability Real time video updates between field switching crews and the control room to eliminate switching errors.


Acting as a digital coach Influencing and motivating people to manage their own health.

Remote diagnosis and monitoring Helping those with chronic conditions optimise their lifestyle and avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital.

Improving access and experience Helping patients navigate through the health system and streamline access to the right healthcare specialist.

Improving hospital processes Helping clinical staff find specific equipment and locate the right documents for the right patients.

Life Sciences

Early detection and prevention Helping patients detect or diagnose conditions early to create a larger pool of patients for clinical trials.

Upscaling clinical research Using data from wearable sensors to help researchers gain a higher level of understanding about diseases and preventive treatment.

Drug effectiveness Data from sensors (eg circadian rhythm/sleep patterns, or movement/gait tracking) can be used as a companion to a drug to help demonstrate its effectiveness.

Patient adherence Helping people comply with drug delivery regimes and adhere to correct physiotherapy techniques.

Smart pill technology Sensors act as a communication hub between the ingested product and a mobile phone.

client stories

Explore some of the innovative work our team has delivered:

PA's Healthcare Patch

Our technology team developed a low-cost, body-worn sensor to remotely monitor a patient's critical health indicators as well as check whether they have taken their medication.

This information is then sent securely via the internet to a physician or caregiver, enabling better levels of monitoring, improved quality of care and, importantly, reduced costs.

They cost less than a daily newspaper to produce, with speeds that match the fastest mobile phone production lines.

Transforming foetal heart rate monitoring

PA has supported the development of an FDA approved foetal heart rate monitor. The technology connects vital signs information from patient to caregiver and clinician to enable a better quality of care to expectant mothers at risk, and at lower cost. New models of care are made possible by this technology, and are actively being exploited in US healthcare provision today.

We helped our client with business case development, fundraising, technology development, and product design. PA continues to support the organisation in the development of a next generation monitor for use in labour and delivery.

Microchips that monitor a person's vital signs

PA has worked on the development of a microchip that monitors a person's vital signs and which can be embedded into wearable devices. PA reviewed and advised the client on the system architecture, developed and tested the sensing system, and developed the algorithm that translates the sensor outputs into a meaningful information.

Innovative surgical instruments

Significant changes underway in the healthcare market and technology environment could change the business landscape for our client, potentially creating new business opportunities.

PA conducted a programme of work to identify technology-based opportunities for our client over a 7-10 year time frame and define the key strategic technology areas that should be considered for investment. Our study pointed at the latest development in wearable technologies - including wearable sensors, batteries, energy harvesting solutions, low power electronics and wireless communication systems – and the benefits they could potentially enable.

PA's Healthcare Patch

Transforming foetal heart rate monitoring

Microchips that monitor a person's vital signs

Innovative surgical instruments

Delivering exceptional results from wearables

Unlike other consultancies, our heritage in innovation, product development and business design means we can quickly mobilise teams to help integrate wearable technology into your current business operations.


the potential of wearable technology more…

We help our clients understand the value wearable technology can bring and advise on how best to design their businesses to exploit it to maximum effect.


the right wearable technology more…

We help our clients navigate the market in order to make the right technology choices and negotiate the best commercial deals.


wearables into your customer and employee experience more…

We help our clients integrate wearables rapidly and effectively into customer and employee facing solutions to enhance service quality and improve profitability.


with wearable technology data more…

We help our clients capture and manage data cost effectively, and to navigate through it so the right information is delivered in the right place at the right time to improve decision making and customer insight.


wearable technology products and solutions more…

We design ground breaking wearable technology products and solutions for our clients from the design of new silicon, and the delivery of highly innovative software, to the development of new sensors and materials.

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