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2030 Climate Action

High-impact technologies and innovations

While COP26 resulted in an agreement to wind down the use of coal, global emissions have continued to rise. The harsh reality is that we need to get to a 50 per cent reduction of emissions in the next 10 years to meet the Paris Agreement’s 1.5Cº climate goals. This demands a huge shift in thinking and investment, and unprecedented collaboration to scale and implement systematic transition to a climate-smart global economy.

Innovative technologies are central to this. With most technologies, the prospects, impact and pace of progress are bound up with investment, as well as public sector involvement through government incentives. Right now first movers play a critical role, not just to create demand, but also to help scale the technologies with the biggest impact while growing their own businesses.

High-impact technologies and innovations (1 lowest, 10 highest)

Partnerships, collaboration and creating demand is absolutely critical to be able to accelerate, scale and implement green technologies globally.

Jonquil Hackenberg, Global Head of Climate Response and Sustainability

We are at the forefront of cutting edge technology:

Using digital twin technology to improve decision making

We enabled a nuclear operator to use digital twins to create an operational excellence machine, radically reducing costs across its site and contributing to its mission of reducing CO2 emissions.

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Providing clean drinking water to underserved communities

We helped develop an innovative decentralised water treatment facility that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and circular economy principles to empower water providers and deliver potable water to those who need it. The facility cleans water at the community level, a process that could revolutionise the way water is delivered around the world.

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Boosting California's use of renewable energy by developing the world's biggest battery

We helped US power company Vistra Energy make a business case to make the substantial investment in developing the world’s biggest storage battery, to help California meet its ambitious targets for renewable energy.

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Aris Karcanias

Global Head of Energy & Utilities


Andrew Burrows

Hydrogen technology expert


David Sanders

Energy transition expert


John Knight

Energy transition and carbon value chain expert


Jonquil Hackenberg

Global head of climate response and sustainability


Shantox Wilcox

Manufacturing expert


Tony Perrotta

Sustainability expert