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Step up your carbon action

At the current pace, the world is set to exhaust the Global Carbon budget, or the annual emissions rate that can be sustained, by 2030. World leaders have set commitments with new legislations soon to follow. Investments are increasingly centred around ESGs and consumers are demanding faster change. We need unprecedented carbon action.

Uncover carbon’s commercial value

Deliver effective
carbon action


Make climate response, therefore decarbonisation, core to your corporate strategy, not a sideshow audit exercise


Map your carbon footprint across your business and supply chains to identify the biggest opportunities for carbon and cost reduction


Look at carbon through four impact areas: decarbonisation through energy transition, energy efficiency in processes and real estate, cleaning up legacy carbon pollution, and re-purposing existing assets to elongate their life


Deliver carbon impact across tangible areas: water, products, packaging, waste, and energy


Tackle the big wins by generating new revenue streams from existing assets to fund the energy transition


Help shape policy and participate in delivering winning competitive bids in energy auctions


Invest in cross-industry innovation and collaboration around the technologies needed to serve your core business – sustainable fuels, new material and digital technologies


Agree on metrics and measurement tools to drive transparency, accountability and decision making. Steward your suppliers (and retailers) to sign up to the same goals


Re-purpose disused buildings and abandoned assets. Create new revenues whilst tackling climate response; switch to renewable energy, electrify and improve efficiency

How we can help

We can help you innovate and transform your organisation to capture value and opportunity from carbon. From innovation of business models through partnerships and acquisitions across eco-systems, physical and digital technologies to measure progress, our end-to-end innovation capabilities and unique breadth of expertise in sustainability and the circular economy enable us to deliver results for your business and the planet.

Office for Zero Emission Vehicles - Using design to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission road transport

The UK government’s transport decarbonisation plan is a world-leading ‘greenprint’ for building a net zero transport system by 2050. We teamed up with the Royal College of Art to design the blueprint for an emblematic chargepoint as recognisable as Britain’s red post boxes or black cabs.

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Leading the transformation to green energy

In 2020 Ørsted became the world's most sustainable company. By 2025 they aim to increase green energy production to 99%, from just 20% in 2006. We have helped Ørsted IT to fundamentally transform the organisation, changing the culture, building capabilities and strengthening processes so it’s better equipped to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

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Accelerating electric bus deployment to reduce carbon emissions

We worked with AMP Capital, a global investment manager, in its efforts to form a joint venture with Enel X, the energy services division of a global utility business with extensive footprint in Latin America. We provided detailed market and on-the-ground analysis to help structure an effective partnership and terms that would help reduce carbon emissions in the region.

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Building a new environmental watchdog for the UK

The UK government wants to deliver the most ambitious environmental programme of any country on earth. It aims to get the UK recycling more and wasting less, breathing cleaner air, planting trees, safeguarding forests, and supporting nature recovery as it works to tackle climate change and reach net zero emissions.

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Saving energy and cutting carbon emissions in London

We’ve been working with RE:FIT London, the programme set up by the Mayor of London, to help reduce carbon emissions in the UK capital. Working in close collaboration with RE:FIT, we’ve given organisations the support needed to develop their business case for investment in energy efficiency and design the financing package to make this possible.

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Latest insights

The untapped potential of water on decarbonisation

We surveyed leaders from 73 global organisations across sectors where water demand is intensive: drinks, fast-moving consumer goods, high-tech manufacturing, traditional manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals and found that leading global organisations could save 86 billion cubic meters of water – equivalent to the yearly water consumption of Japan – and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 12 million tonnes by 2030. This would provide up to a 25% of the annual GHG emissions cuts needed between now and 2030 to reach the 1.5°C global temperature climate goal set out in the Paris Agreement.

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Focus, start, share: how companies can win at innovation for sustainability

Find out how leaders from all sectors can innovate for sustainability and climate response, in more concrete and impactful ways.

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PA at COP26

COP26 was the most significant climate conference since 2015. Implementing change with the necessary pace and scale will require unprecedented commitment, innovation, collaboration and partnerships across governments, industry, financiers and innovators.

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PA Consulting has been appointed to design electric vehicle charge points

The UK Department for Transport has appointed PA, alongside the Royal College of Art, to deliver an iconic British charge point design which could become as recognisable as the red post box or black cab. The design will be unveiled at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November and could be seen on streets across the UK from 2022.

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Winds of change at PA: New head of practice offers fresh perspective on energy transition

Offshore wind is regarded as a game changer in the energy system as a way to deliver clean bulk power generation.

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TIPS for decarbonisation

Decarbonise your business

The imperative for climate response is growing, and the political climate reflects this as consumers, employees and investors are demanding it. Tackling emissions ensures risks are minimised and sets businesses up for long-term profitability.

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Seizing the moment

As zero-emission vehicles dominate the forward landscape, freight and passenger rail must make its own positive contribution to environmentally friendly transport, to meet the ambition to remove diesel from the network by 2040, establishing a route to fully net zero by 2050.

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To Zero and Beyond: Charting the Path to 2050

PA Consulting’s Head of Sustainability, Jonquil Hackenberg, and energy and utilities expert, Greg Bradley, discuss the UK’s commitment to Net Zero, and the areas the water industry need to address to achieve this by 2050.

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Digital Twins can help reduce carbon

Digital Twins – realistic, virtual replicas of physical assets, systems or processes that can monitor performance, model scenarios and make insight-driven decisions and in return reduce operations costs, maintenance and also reduce carbon

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The water industry in a hydrogen economy

There is an exciting future for hydrogen in the UK’s Net Zero strategy; the water industry must be a part of the evolve strategy to ensure a successful rollout.

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