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Optimize patient-led trials

Patients lie at the heart of progress in clinical development and are the key to accelerating products to market. Strategies to innovate trial design based on patient needs are necessary to achieve sustainable development and combat the increasingly competitive product development landscape. We help pharma companies use precise data analytics to optimize performance during site selection, start-up, and monitoring, resulting in faster timelines and higher rates of success. By continuously adapting a more patient-led, data-driven approach to clinical trials, portfolios will thrive.

How Artificial Intelligence accelerates site selection

Identifying the right investigators and making the start-up process seamless will increase the probability of exceeding enrollment plans and completing clinical studies on time and on budget. Accelerating the process requires a new approach. We’ve developed tools that apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) models against integrated data enabling you to accelerate your product development timelines. Our AI models will expeditiously suggest multiple scenarios from which you can choose your preferred development plan. This leads to better decision-making and resource allocation.

Industry Pitfalls

  • Investigators failing to meet enrollment targets
  • Studies failing to complete on time or meet budget
  • High number of patient screen fails or drop-outs
  • Site activation takes too long.

With our AI technology we identify the right investigators at the right time for the right study.

We have the ability to integrate a multitude of data sources (public, commercial, and your own data) to feed our AI models.

We fine-tune and configure our AI models to develop the ideal target, investigators, and site lists for your specific indication and study protocol.

We perform better than the standard industry metrics. Here's proof:




95 percent of our identified investigators will enroll contributing patients for your studies

80 percent of your studies will complete on time and on budget

Site activation time will be reduced by 50 percent

Getting started: how we can help a single study succeed

We’ve identified three key areas where we can support your study.

New Study Planning – Site Identification (~2 weeks)

In-flight Trial Recovery (~4 weeks)

In-flight Target of Patient Populations (~3 Months)

  • Analyze site and investigator past performance
  • Identify current sponsor engagements
  • Evaluate country-level start-up and enrollment times with associated Identify alternative countries for improved enrollment.

Includes Site Identification services, PLUS:

  • Compare new sites against current site selections and recommend replacement sites
  • Identify alternative countries for improved enrollment.

Includes Trial Recovery services, PLUS:

  • Analyze locations of protocol specific patient populations mapped against the selected investigators
  • Identify specific sites to target for patient outreach based on patient populations in practice or for referral.

Contact the accelerating products to market team