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Intelligent health - the journey to smarter healthcare


By Phil Seeney and Frederic Laugere , PA healthcare experts

Intelligent health has the potential to address healthcare costs, which are escalating at an alarming rate. It is well reported that some of these costs are due to the ineffective usage and wastage of drugs. 

But it is not just the poor use of drugs that is causing healthcare costs to escalate. The journey a patient takes down the healthcare pathway is fraught with road blocks, wrong turns and misinformation. All of which leads to longer waiting times, poor diagnostics and abortive consultations and treatments until the right result is achieved. In turn, the healthcare pathway forms part of a wider model that is cumbersome, inefficient, and regularly seeks to minimise transactional costs rather than long-term consequential costs. Why is this? Does it need to be this way? 

At PA, we believe that a technology-enabled healthcare pathway has the potential to significantly reduce total healthcare costs and that intelligent healthcare, together with connected health, will enable more efficient healthcare delivery on a global scale.

Below, we set out some of the emerging trends that we see shaping the healthcare of the future. 

Healthcare systems will promote maintenance of good health and wellness

Delivery of healthcare will shift from a curative and reactive approach to proactive, preventative health management. Eventually, individuals will become 'health activists' and take ownership of their lifestyle and future health.

Patients will be empowered to manage their own healthcare

Modern medicine has enabled people with chronic conditions to live for decades through close supervision, medication, surgery and other treatments. Patients of the future will be engaged in the management of their conditions and healthcare, preventing escalation and deterioration of their health because they have the tools and desire to do so.

Healthcare will be tailored around the complex needs of individuals

People-centred health will be a dominant theme in driving new models of care. Preventative care will be tailored around the complex needs of individuals and groups and will draw on the possibilities opened up by stratified medicines and other targeted approaches, providing more personalised solutions and treatments.

The business model for healthcare delivery will become outcomes-based

We will see a move from the current transactional approach (rewarding the event-based volume of healthcare delivery, irrespective of outcome) to an outcome-based model rewarding the quality of the result and underpinning healthcare provided. This will increase the incentive for all stakeholders to deliver effective preventive healthcare.

Aspects of healthcare management will become simplified

Simplification will enable the conversion of complex processes into simple rule-based approaches, taking work away from expensive highly trained experts to patients or less costly support staff. It will enable the decentralisation of healthcare delivery from hospitals to patients’ homes and liberate skilled practitioners to focus on acute and complex conditions.

Our vision of intelligent healthcare is a model that encourages joint ownership between patients and clinicians, to prevent illness and escalation. It involves patients and all stakeholders in the delivery of a healthcare that is tailored to the specific needs of individuals. Connected technologies, social media and the consumerisation of healthcare will all play a central role in achieving this vision.

To find out more about how intelligent health is transforming the future of healthcare, please contact us now.

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